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Subaru VIP Program

Sorry, this member benefit ended (31 March 2015).

Subaru VIP Program Comes to a close

Due to corporate-wide shifts in sponsorship strategy, GSA’s long-standing partnership with Subaru of America, Inc., will be coming to a close at the end of March 2015. GSA and the GSA Foundation are appreciative of the 14 years of support from this sponsor, which has included the Minority Student Scholarship Program, Outstanding Woman in Science Awards, the Subaru Outdoor Life Lectures, general annual meeting funding, and the VIP Partners Program (an exclusive program for GSA members in the continental USA that offers significant discounts on the purchase of a new Subaru) along with the use of two vehicles for GSA headquarters.

Some of these programs will continue, such as the Woman in Science Award, which has a supporting GSA Foundation fund. Both GSA and the GSA Foundation are looking for new opportunities to continue important programs like the Minority Student Scholarships. Proposals for a new automobile partnership are also underway.

Many members have taken advantage of this benefit over the years, which offers a discount on the purchase of a new Subaru. In addition, each sale of a new Subaru through the program results in a US$100 contribution to the GSA Foundation.

To give an idea of the benefit to GSA: In just the second quarter of this year, VIP sales resulted in a US$2,700 contribution back to GSA. These returns have averaged this amount each quarter for the last two calendar years.