Fieldwork, Past, Present, and Future, at the GSA Foundation Booth

    We invite you to take a journey through time at GSA2017 in Seattle, starting in field camp days of yore, stepping into current mapping examples and field camps, and traveling into the future of field geology, including planetary exploration.

    A map by Florence Bascom will be on site, juxtaposed with the first-ever high-resolution geologic map of one of America’s most iconic natural landmarks—both entailing painstaking processes of rather different natures.

    We look forward to seeing you in Seattle.

  • current day field camp

    Current day field camp.

  • Florence Bascom

    Florence Bascom, Pioneer of Women Geologists

  • Stanford field camp 1965

    Stanford field camp, Raft River Mountains, Utah, USA, 1965. Courtesy Darrel Cowan.

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  • Call for Editors

    Call for Science Editors

    GSA is soliciting applications and nominations for science co-editors (4-yr terms) beginning 1 Jan. 2019.

  • saguaro cactus

    GSA 2019 Moves to Phoenix

    Read letter explaining the change in location and date for the GSA 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition.

  • Code of Conduct

    GSA & Ethics

    Ad hoc committee established to evaluate the existing GSA Code of Conduct

  • GSA International

    Distinguished International Lecture Tour

    Meet the 2017-2018 GSA James B. Thompson, Jr. Distinguished International Lecturers, Iain Simpson Stewart and Ross S. Stein.

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