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Student Representatives

GSA is dedicated to remaining relevant and responsive to its student membership. Students who are appointed to be representatives of a GSA Division, Section or Committee play an especially vital role in GSA leadership. When you are selected by a Division, Section or Committee to serve as their Student Representative, you also automatically become a member of the Student Advisory Council to represent the voice of your Division, Section or Committee. We invite every student to consider serving as a Student Representative and contributing to the future of the Society.

The nomination process to become a Student Representative is a simple one.

Become a Student Representative to a GSA Division or Section

If you are interested in serving on a Division or Section, you only need to contact your chosen Division or Section using the contact links below and express your interest in being selected as their Student Representative. A simple email to the Chair, Secretary or other Officer will suffice to begin the process.

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Become a Student Representative to a GSA Committee

To become a Student Representative of a GSA Committee, you only need to complete the Nominations Form on the GSA website. The form will list all of the Committees for which there are openings as well as the deadline to submit a nomination. Submitted nominations will be provided to the GSA Nominations Committee that meets in the late summer. Recommended candidates are ratified by GSA Council during their fall meeting, and contacted in the beginning of each year for service terms that typically begin July 1st.

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Student Advisory Council

Current Student Advisory Council Members

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In 2014, GSA Council established the Student Advisory Council (SAC) composed of Student Representatives serving on GSA Divisions, Sections, and Committees. SAC is a dynamic and influential committee of GSA empowered with a direct line of communication with GSA Council. To express your interest to be appointed as a Student Representative, and thereby become a member of the Student Advisory Council, please refer to the ‘Student Representatives’ section. There is no process to join the Student Advisory Council separate from being a Student Representative of a Division, Section or Committee.

The voice of the SAC is highly regarded by GSA Council. Every year, members of the Student Advisory Council select from among themselves a Chair who serves on GSA Council as a full voting member and presents the SAC Report to Council. Other SAC terms coordinate with the various student representative terms of a Division, Section or Committee, but generally consist of two voting years beginning at the SAC business meeting with an option to attend a third meeting as a non-voting advisory member. In addition to an annual business meeting, the members of SAC regularly communicate and conduct business using a dedicated SAC members-only GSA social networking platform.