Special Offer for Members:


GSA/SOAR Digital Atlas Challenge

Join SOAR in building the largest digital atlas of maps, aerial and drone images from around the world by uploading your own images any time before GSA Connects 2022, where all member-uploaded content will be showcased in GEO.SCI—the tech demo area in the exhibit hall. There is no cost to upload images, and it's simple to create a free account. An award will go to the most inspiring map or image uploaded each month, so be sure to tag your images with #GSA2022.

GSA is proud to partner with SOAR in offering our members two benefits:


Access high-resolution satellite imagery of the Earth with SkyMap50—Members enjoy a 10% discount.



Create your own digital atlas with SOAR+ — a mapping platform to store, view, and share maps and imagery.  Members get a 20% discount on a monthly subscription.