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GSA and Email Communication

White listing Instructions

Due to the high volume of email generated from GSA and its Connected Community, your email service provider (ESPs) might incorrectly identify the email as spam. While we do everything possible to ensure strong deliverability rates, it is sometimes necessary that you add the community email addresses to your "white list" (this tells your ESP that we are approved senders and not spam). If you stopped receiving email from GSA, this is the first and most critical step to take to ensure our email can be delivered to you.

What is a white list? A white list is a list of email addresses or domains that you want to receive emails from. By adding an address or domain to your white list, you are telling the email system not to filter email from that address or domain. Follow the appropriate instructions below for the email service provider you are using to add us to your white list and to ensure that you receive our emails.

  • Server Level
    for those using their Organization/Work address
  • Desktop Level
    includes AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail (Google), Windows Live/Hotmail, Juno, MSN, Earthlink

Server-Level White Listing

Organization email addresses

If you use your work email address, such as, you will need to work with your IT department or vendor. Please ask them to add the domain as well as to your organization's "white list."

White List GSA

Alternatively, they can white list by IP address. We have eight dedicated IP addresses that our mail is sent from:



Desktop Level Whitelisting

If you have desktop-level spam filtering, please add and to your safe-senders list. Follow the instructions below according to your specific email client.

AOL Web Mail/ Domains:

Open the e-mail containing the e-mail address(es) you want to add.
Hover the mouse over the sender's name or address, and click on Add Contact.

Windows Live Hotmail:

Open a message from the desired sender.
Click Mark as safe next to the From: name and address.
Now click Add contact.

Gmail Subscribers:

From your inbox, select a message from the sender you wish to whitelist.
Click on the down arrow icon (next to the Reply button at the top of the message).
In the resulting drop down list, click on Add <sender's address> to contacts.
At the top of your message you will see The sender has been added to your Contacts list when the sender has been added.

Yahoo Subscribers:

From your inbox, select a message from the sender you wish to whitelist.
Click the + Add icon next to the return email address.
Click Save on the Add Contact dialog box that appears.

MSN Subscribers:


Click on Email Settings.
Click on the Junk Mail link.
Click on Safe List.
Click on Add an item to this list.
Type in or cut and paste the supplied return email address into the Safe List box and then click Add.


Click the e-mail from the sender that you want to add to your Safe List.
Click "Always show from this sender" to automatically add the sender to your Safe List.

Juno/Netzero Subscribers:

Click Options and select Junk Mail.
In the Do Not Block section, you can type an address in the box (or copy and paste it) under Add Address to Do Not Block List.
Click the Add button to add the address to the list on the right.
When you are finished, click the Save button.

Earthlink Webmail Subscribers:

Open a message from the sender you wish to whitelist.
Click the Add to Address Book link to the right of the sender's email address.
The Add Contact page opens with the email address populated.
Click Save.