1. Arc Hydro Groundwater-Subsurface Analyst Workshop.
Wed., 3 April. Cost: US$415.40.
Administrative Contact: Royd Nelson, Vice President, Aquaveo
Instructor: Alan Lemon, AHGW Team Leader, Aquaveo
This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to use the Arc Hydro Groundwater data model and Subsurface Analyst tools. Learn how to build an Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabase, import data, produce maps of temporal data such as water levels, manage and visualize borehole data, build 3-D hydrogeologic models inside ArcGIS, including construction of 2-D and 3-D cross sections and volume models.
2. Growth of Shelf and Shelf Margins and Changing Sequence Stratigraphy Concepts.
Wed., 3 April. Cost: US$30.
Ron Steel and Cornel Olariu, University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences.
This one-day short course includes (1) introduction to the sequence stratigraphy of shelf margins; (2) the role of deltas in sediment spreading on shelves and in accretion of margins; (3) shelf-edge deltas and by-passing of sediment to deepwater; and (4) competing models of deepwater sand delivery to the basin floor.
3. Nuclear Processes and Radioactivity in Geology.
Sat., 6 April.
— Canceled.
4. Fundamentals of Computed Tomography (CT) Data and Visualization.
Wed., 3 April. No charge - contingent on funding from the National Science Foundation.
Space is limited to 16 participants.
Rich Ketcham, Jessie Maisano, Matt Colbert, and UTCT staff (University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences, Dept. of Geological Sciences).
The University of Texas High-Resolution X-Ray CT Facility (UTCT) will host a short course on the fundamentals of acquiring and working with CT data of paleontological and geological samples. Most of the short course will be devoted to hands-on training in basic image processing of CT data.


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