South-Central Section, GSA
46th Annual Meeting

8–9 March 2012

Paradise or Purgatory: Geology in the Big Bend!


Alpine, Texas USA
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Technical Program: Jim Whitford-Stark, Sul Ross State University
Local Committee:, Kevin Urbanczyk, Sul Ross State University

2012 SC Program

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Section Brochure
2012 Meeting


Located in the southern foothills of the Davis Mountains, where the Rockies meet the Ouachitas, the campus of Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas, USA, is ideally situated for the 2012 meeting of GSA’s South-Central Section. The meeting will focus on the diverse geology of the Trans Pecos region of Texas and New Mexico and on presenting new research and mapping developments in Big Bend National Park.

Sparse vegetation in the region allows the diverse depositional styles and formations, which have occurred over a vast interval of time, to be easily observed and studied. Due to the complex geologic history of the area, it also presents unique challenges to students and researchers. The added dimensions of understanding hydrology in the arid, bi-nationally significant Rio Grande watershed, historic and modern mining and Permian Basin petroleum enterprise make for a prolific research and educational setting.


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