GSA Rocky Mountain Section
65th Annual Meeting

15–17 May 2013

Technical Program Schedule

Gunnison, Colorado USA
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Abstracts with Programs
Abstracts with Programs


The Gunnison Valley is positioned in a rich geologic environment featuring a broad age of geologic materials, structures, and surface and geologic processes. Features that dominate the upper valley include structures and stratigraphy of the high Colorado Rockies that are exposed by fluvial and glacial processes, which have created a complex and spectacular landscape. The upper valley is also a key boundary between the stratigraphy and structures of the Colorado Plateau and West Elk Mountains to the west and the much more deformed rocks of Elk Range to the east. Regional exposures of the volcanoes of the San Juan Mountains, the Colorado Plateau, and features related to the northern Rio Grande Rift and the Colorado Mineral Belt are all within a few hours’ drive from Gunnison.

The committee encourages student participation at the annual meeting by featuring technical sessions dedicated to undergraduate research, participants in EDMAP and STATEMAP mapping projects, and Shlemon and Mann mentor luncheons, where students can enjoy a free lunch.

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