Cache Valley
Cache Valley in the fall

Field Trips

  1. Tectonomagmatic Evolution of Distinct Arc Terranes within Blue Mountains Province, Oregon and Idaho.
    C.J. Northrup,; Mark Schmitz; Gene Kurz, Boise State Univ.
    Sun.–Tues., 15–17 May. US$395. Begins and ends in Boise, Idaho, USA.
  2. Karst Hydrogeology of the Bear River Range in the Logan Canyon Area, Northern Utah.
    Larry Spangler, USGS.
    Tues., 17 May. US$60.
  3. Cryogenian ("Sturtian") Diamictite, Cap Carbonate, and Volcanic Rocks of Southeastern Idaho.
    Josh Keeley; Carol Dehler, ; Paul Link; Adolph Yonkee; Katie Kirkham.
    Tues., 17 May. US$60.
  4. Neogene Drainage Development of the Portneuf, Big Lost, and Snake River Systems, eastern Idaho.
    Paul K. Link, ; David W. Rodgers; Glenn T. Thackray, Idaho State Univ.; Mary K.V. Hodges, USGS.
    Fri.–Sat., 20–21 May. US$155.
  5. New Investigations of Pleistocene Glacial and Pluvial Records in Northeastern Nevada.
    Jeffrey S. Munroe, Middlebury College; Benjamin J.C. Laabs, SUNY Geneseo.
    Trip Canceled
  6. Timing, Distribution, Amount, Style, and Causes of Cenozoic Extension, Northern Great Basin.
    Christopher D. Henry, Univ. of Nevada–Reno, ; Joseph P. Colgan, USGS; Allen J. McGrew, Univ. of Dayton.
    Fri.–Mon., 20–23 May. US$325.
  7. New Insights into the Outlet of Lake Bonneville and Deltas of the Bear River.
    Susanne Janecke, Utah State Univ., ; Bob Oaks, Utah State Univ.
    Sat., 21 May. US$60.
  8. Paleontology and Stratigraphy of Middle Eocene Rock Units in the Bridger and Uinta Basins, Wyoming and Utah.
    Beth Townsend, Midwestern Univ., ; Paul Murphey, South Dakota Natural History Museum; Anthony Friscia, Univ. of California–Los Angeles.
    Fri.–Sun., 20–22 May. US$285.


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