Early registration deadline: 22 March 2010
Cancellation deadline: 29 March 2010

REGISTER ONLINE - It's easy, fast, and secure. If you prefer, you may download the paper form and mail or fax to GSA. Register early so field trips run and also for best value.

Early Standard
all fees are in U.S. dollars Full mtg. One day Full mtg. One day
Professional Member $140 $75 $170 $100
Professional Nonmember $160 $110 $190 $140
Professional Member 70+ $75 $45 $100 $65
Student Member $45 $35 $65 $55
Student Nonmember $55 $45 $75 $65
K-12 Teacher $45 $30 $55 $40
Guest or Spouse $30 $15 $40 $25

Students and the general public attending only the Western South Dakota Hydrology Conference Session (WSDHCS), Thurs., 22 April 2010, are not required to pay the registration fee but are required to obtain a badge at the registration desk.
Professionals attending only Western South Dakota Hydrology Conference Session are required to pay the one-day professional member fee.
WSDHCS professional can attend the entire meeting by paying the professional member fee.


On-Site Registration Hours
Location: East Entrance of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
Tues., 20 April5-7 p.m.
Weds.-Thurs, 21-22 April7 a.m.-4 p.m. & 7-8 p.m.
Fri., 23 April7-9 a.m.


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