Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Rapid City– Rushmore Plaza Hotel
505 N. 5th Street,
Rapid City, SD 57701, USA;
The Holiday Inn in is located adjacent to the Civic Center.
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
444 Mount Rushmore Road
Rapid City, SD 57701-1197, USA
Civic Center Floor Plans
Ground Level   |   Upper Level


Rapid City is located on the eastern flank of the Black Hills, an elongated Laramide domal uplift. The area features unique geology, ranging from 2.6-billion-year-old rocks in the central core to recent deposits along the flanks of the uplift. Paleozoic strata in the Black Hills host world-class cave systems and Cenozoic deposits to the east of the Black Hills form the Badlands, host to one of the richest assortments of vertebrate fossils in the world.

Tertiary volcanism centered in the northern Black Hills created many well-known landmarks, such as Bear Butte and Devils Tower, and its associated hydrothermal systems redistributed and introduced new gold into rocks of the area. The largest of these gold deposits supported surface and underground mining from 1876 to 2003 at the Homestake Gold Mine, yielding over 42 million ounces of gold. After the mine ceased operations in 2003, the site was designated as the home of the nationís new national laboratory, the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, or DUSEL. This is a collaborative effort between the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, with the mission of exploring conditions present at the formation of the universe. Join us for a stimulating meeting venue, plan on taking a field trip or two, and help us celebrate the richness and uniqueness of the local geology.

Area Maps
Rapid City Map South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Campus Map



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