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Technical Program
Final Schedule


We will have laptops set up in each of the three presentation rooms for you to load your presentations on. All presentation rooms will be in the UVU library, the same building where you will register. To facilitate this running smoothly:


All poster sessions run the full day on the 4th floor of the UVU library (the same building where registration and the three presentation rooms will be) from 8 a.m.– 5 p.m.

Technical Sessions

Technical Program
Final Schedule

We will have three to four concurrent sessions running each day of the meeting, along with a poster session.

Theme Sessions

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Paleontology

  1. Neoproterozoic Geology of the Rocky Mountains.
    Paul Link, Idaho State University; Carol Dehler, Utah State University.
  2. New Developments and Discoveries in Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Paleontology in the Rocky Mountains and Basin and Range.
    Cosponsored by the Paleontological Society.
    Scott Ritter, Brigham Young University; Forest Gahn, Brigham Young University-Idaho.
  3. Mesozoic Paleontology, Sedimentology, and Geochronology of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau.
    Cosponsored by the Paleontological Society.
    Brooks Britt, Brigham Young University.

Hydrology, Surficial Geology, and Engineering Geology

  1. Hydrologic Studies in the Basin and Range and Rocky Mountains.
    Lucy Jordan, Utah Geological Survey.
  2. Getting a Better Handle on the "Dirt" Covering the Bedrock — Mapping and Dating of Surficial Deposits.
    Tammy Rittenour, Utah State University.
  3. Quaternary Tectonics and Earthquake-Hazard Characterization in the Rocky Mountain Region.
    Christopher B. DuRoss, Dept of Geology & Geophysics, University of Utah; Ivan Wong, URS Corp.
  4. Geologic Hazards in the Rocky Mountain Region and Their Impacts on Development: A Tribute to the Career of Gary Christensen.
    Danny Horns, Utah Valley University.

Structure and Tectonics

  1. Compression and Extension — Thrusts and Normal Faults and Their Interplay in the Rocky Mountains and Basin and Range.
    Adolph Yonkee, Weber State University.
  2. Contributions from Geophysics to Better Understanding the Structure and Tectonics of the Western United States.
    John McBride, Brigham Young University.

Energy and Economic Geology

  1. Energy Resources and Developments in the Rocky Mountain Region.
    Michael Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey; Bill Keach, Brigham Young University.
  2. Ore Deposits in the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains.
    Ken Krahulec, Utah Geological Survey.
  3. Industrial Mineral Deposits of the Rocky Mountains Region.
    Bryce Tripp, Utah Geological Survey.

Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks

  1. Magmatism from the Mesozoic to the Present in the Great Basin and Colorado Plateaus: A Tribute to the Career of Myron G. Best.
    Eric Christiansen, Brigham Young University.
  2. New Developments in Understanding Metamorphic Rocks in the Rocky Mountains and Great Basin.
    Bill Dinklage, Utah Valley University; Mark Colberg, Southern Utah University.

Other Theme Sessions

  1. Geologic Mapping Supported by EDMAP and STATEMAP in the Rocky Mountains Region.
    Bart Kowallis, Brigham Young University; Grant Willis, Utah Geological Survey.
  2. Geological Studies in National Parks and Monuments of the Rocky Mountains Region.
    Paul Anderson, consulting geologist.
  3. Geoinformatics.
    Walt Snyder, Boise State University.
  4. Geology and Public Policy in the West.
    Christine Turner, U.S. Geological Survey.
  5. Undergraduate Research (Posters).
    Cosponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research.
    Bill Dinklage, Utah Valley University.


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