Early Registration Deadline: 17 February 2009
Cancellation Deadline: 23 February 2009
Requests for special accommodations should be made by 23 February 2009.

To qualify for lower rates, register in advance! On-site registration will be available during the meeting at the Holiday Inn By the Bay beginning in the afternoon on Sat., 21 March. Field trip and workshop registrants are strongly encouraged to preregister for the meeting. On-site registration for a field trip or workshop is only possible if space is still available. Registration is required for all those attending technical sessions, field trips, workshops, and the exhibits hall.

Early Standard
(all fees are in U.S. dollars) Full Meeting One-Day Full Meeting One-Day
Professional Member $140 $90 $170 $110
Professional Member 70+ $70 $50 $100 $70
Professional Nonmember $160 $110 $190 $140
Student Member $45 $35 $65 $55
Student Nonmember $55 $45 $75 $65
K-12 Professional $45 $30 $55 $40
Tuesday Water Conference Only N/A $55 N/A $65
Guest or Spouse $30 $15 $40 $25
Field Trip/Workshop only N/A $30 N/A $30

Abstracts will not be available for sale at the meeting. If you didn't purchase your Abstracts with Programs book on your GSA membership form, you can order a copy for on-site pickup when you register.

Tax-Deductible Contribution

Now you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Northeastern Section Endowment Fund right on your registration form. Simply select the amount you’d like to donate to this fund, which provides student support for travel, research, field camps, etc. The GSA Foundation will provide a match to the NE Section Endowment Fund for all contributions received, up to a total of US$5000. All donations to the GSA Foundation are tax deductible.


All requests for additions, changes, and cancellations must be made in writing to GSA Headquarters and received by 23 February 2009. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after this date, and no refunds for on-site registration, Abstracts with Programs, and on-site ticket sales.

For further information, or if you have special requirements, please contact the Local Committee Chair, Art Goldstein.


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