There is a $30 workshop only registration fee for those not attending the meeting; this fee may be applied to meeting registration if you decide to attend.

  1. Innovative Geoscience Education Using Tools and Models in Google Earth.
    Sat., 21 March.
    Fee: US$35; does not include lunch.
    Declan De Paor, Old Dominion University, +1-757-683-4619; Steve Whitmeyer.
         This workshop for undergraduate geoscience instructors will demonstrate new approaches to using Google Earth to teach plate tectonics and regional geology. Participants will create interactive 3-D models of plate boundaries, igneous intrusions, structures, paleogeography, ore bodies, etc., for use on Google Earth via simple templates that don't require knowledge of computer programming. Participants will need to bring their own laptop computers.
  2. Digital Mapping Techniques in the Geosciences.
    8 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat., 21 March.
    Fee: professionals, US$35; students, US$25; lunch and transportation provided. Max.: 12.
    Mark Swanson, University of Southern Maine.
         This workshop will provide practical, hands-on experience with a variety of digital tools useful in today's world of geologic mapping. A morning session will be devoted to instruments and techniques for collecting geologic field data and imagery, including establishing data using static GPS, RTK survey-grade GPS in conjunction with total stations for integrated surveying, handheld GPS, and GPS enabled PDA's for data logging and mapping, and a digital camera pole for low-elevation aerial imagery. The afternoon session will focus on download and processing of collected field data from the morning session. Data will be processed for and displayed in ArcGIS. Procedures will cover instrument download and formats, post-processing data with NOAA's OPUS Web site, formatting data for GIS, geo-referencing aerial imagery and preexisting maps, use of statewide digital aerial imagery, and final map production. The morning session of data collection will be held at a local coastal outcrop, and the afternoon session will be held at the University of Southern Maine's Gorham campus GIS lab.
  3. Developing Competitive Proposals.
    Sat. 21 March. Canceled.
  4. Using the Explore Geoscience Classroom Resources to Engage K-12 Educators in Teaching Geology.
    Half-day Sun., 22 March. Time to be announced.
    Free. Chris McLelland, Gary Lewis, GSA.
         This is a free workshop for earth science faculty wishing to provide teaching opportunities in geoscience for K-12 teachers.
  5. On the Cutting Edge Workshop: Pursuing an Academic Career.
    Sat. 21 March. 10 a.m.– 4 p.m.
    Fee: US$25

    Rachel Beane, Department of Geology, Bowdoin College
    Beginning an academic career is challenging.  This workshop offers resources for and insights into designing effective courses, writing clear research and teaching statements, and other aspects of applying to and starting academic positions.  Graduate students are especially encouraged to apply.


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