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42nd Annual Meeting

12-14 March 2007 • University of New Hampshire • Durham, New Hampshire

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Remember: Daylight Savings Time begins 11 March.

Suncook River Avulsion
Suncook River avulsion two weeks after May 2006 flood event. See Field Trip 5 description. Click on image for larger photo.

For additional field trip information, please contact the field trip leader(s) indicated below, or the field trip coordinator Peter Thompson, . All trips will take place before the meeting on Sunday, March 11. They will leave from the University of New Hampshire H parking lot at 8:30 a.m., except for Field Trip 1, which leaves at 11:30 a.m., and return in time for the 6 p.m. reception. New England March weather can be unpredictable, so come prepared for rain or even snow. Coastal conditions can be windier than inland. Field trips with fewer than ten registrants may be cancelled. Fees include transportation, guidebook, and, for all-day trips, lunch.

1. Bottom Mapping and Characterization of the Great Bay Estuary and Adjacent Coastal Areas.
(Half-day trip, 11:30AM-6PM) Sun., 11 Mar.
2. Structure of Late Paleozoic Brittle Dextral Strike-Slip Fault Zones in Coastal Maine Exposures.
Sun., 11 Mar.
Mark Swanson, University of Southern Maine [, +1-207-780-5024]
This field tour is through the detailed internal structure of two dextral strike-slip fault localities in coastal Maine: 1) the Two Lights Fault Zones at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine that consist of en echelon R- shear segments that link to form through-going fault zones with displacements in the 3-5 m range; and 2) the pseudotachylyte-bearing Fort Foster Brittle Zone structures in the Rye Complex of Kittery, Maine that consist of multiple pseudotachylyte-generating surfaces parallel to the steeply-dipping mylonitic flow layering of the Southern Mylonite Zone at the Fort Foster Town Park on Gerrish Island with coseismic displacements in the 1-2 meter range. No hammers or sampling will be permitted. Cameras are encouraged. Warm clothes and rain gear recommended.
Cost: US$40 for professionals; US$30, for students. Maximum: 36.
This trip is FULL.
Indian Cave
Magmatic textures in the Devonian Spaulding quartz diorite, Indian Cave Landing, Sunapee (Tim Allen, NEIGC 2003). Click on image for larger photo.
3. Glacial and Coastal Geology of Southeastern New Hampshire. Sponsored by the Eastern Section of the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM).
Sun., 11 Mar.
Joseph Licciardi, University of New Hampshire [, +1-603-862-3135]
P. Thompson Davis, Bentley College [, +1-781-891-3479]
We will make stops to examine evidence for late Wisconsinan iceflow directions (striated bedrock and perhaps till fabrics in a drumlin), glacial retreat (an esker-kame-delta complex and a classic kettle hole in outwash, including a discussion of postglacial vegetational change), early postglacial marine submergence (Presumpscot Formation at a brick yard), recent Holocene marine submergence (a drowned spruce forest and an accreting salt marsh, including demonstration of sediment coring), and modern tidal flat environments. Warm clothes and rain gear recommended.
This trip is FULL.
Cost: US$40 for professionals; US$30 for students. Maximum: 36.
4. Igneous Rocks of the Easternmost Three Terranes in Southeastern New England: Examples from NE Massachusetts and SE New Hampshire.
Sun., 11 Mar.
Chris Hepburn, Boston College [, 1+617-552-3642]
Rudolph Hon, Boston College [, +1-617-552-3640]
Jo Laird, University of New Hampshire [, +1-603-862-3140]
Representative igneous rocks from the three major geologic terranes in SE New England (Avalon, Nashoba-Putnam, Eastern Merrimack) will be visited on this excursion. These include examples from two principal time periods: Proterozoic calc-alkalic plutonic and volcanic rocks in the Avalon terrane and a series of petrologically diverse Ordovician-Devonian intrusions, alkalic in Avalon, calc-alkalic and peraluminous in Nashoba and Merrimack. The tectonic significance of these intrusions will be highlighted. Stops will include exposures of the classic A-type Cape Ann Igneous Complex, type locality of annite. Fieldtrip run in connection with Theme Session #4, Caledonian Magmatism: Cross-Atlantic Connections - Again. Warm clothes and rain gear recommended.
This trip is FULL.
Cost: US$40 for professionals; US$30 for students. Maximum: 36.
5. Geology of the May 2006 Suncook River Avulsion.
Half-day trip, 8:30 a.m.-noon, Sun., 11 Mar.
David Wunsch, New Hampshire Geological Survey [, +1-603-271-6482]
Rick Chormann, New Hampshire Geological Survey [, +1-603-271-1974]
Chad Wittkop, University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire []
Tour of features associated with the May 2006 Suncook River avulsion including portions of the abandoned channel, an overview of the new channel (and discussion of the conditions surrounding its formation), glacial and postglacial sediments exposed by the new channel, with discussion of the environmental issues now facing residents up and downstream. Warm clothes and rain gear recommended. Includes half-mile hike along river channel.
This trip is FULL.
Cost: US$30 for professionals; US$25 for students. Maximum: 25.
6. Minerals and Ice Formations in Palermo Mine, North Groton, New Hampshire.
Sun., 11 Mar.


Remember: Daylight Savings Time begins 11 March.

Short courses and workshops are planned for Sun., 11 March and listed below. Attendance is limited, so please register early to assure a space. For more information, contact the short course leader or short course coordinators Ray Talkington, , +1-603-773-0075 and Lee Wilder, , +1-603-271-1976.

1. Your First Steps in the Profession and the Future.
1-4:30 p.m., 11 March, Cocheco Room, Holloway Commons
Raymond W. Talkington, Geosphere Environmental Management, Inc., Exeter, NH [, +1-603-773-0075]
Robert Stewart, LFR, Inc., East Hartford, CT [, +1-860-290-9300]
This workshop is designed for upper level undergraduates and graduate students who are examining their options upon graduation. We will discuss job search techniques in the private sector including consulting, industry, and government.
Minimum 15. Cost: US$ 20. The cost for this workshop for the first 25 student registrants will be covered by a corporate sponsor.
2. Application of Geophysical Methods to Environmental Problems.
11 March
3. Interactive Geospatial Data Visualization.
11 March
4. Digital Dynamic Mapping (DDM).
11 March