Technical Sessions


The technical program will consist of general discipline sessions as well as more-focused symposia and theme sessions. Inquiries about the technical program can be directed to Rob Young.

Contact GSA Meetings, +1-303-357-1000, , if you have any questions regarding your abstract.

Theme Sessions

  1. Paleozoic Paleogeography of Cordilleran Terranes.
    JoAnne Nelson, British Columbia Geological Survey; Maurice Colpron, Yukon Geological Survey.
  1. Terroir, Wine and Geology.
    L.D. Meinert, Smith College; R.W. Macqueen, Geological Survey of Canada.
  2. Geoscience Framework for Metallogeny in the Southern Cordillera.
    R.G. (Bob) Anderson, Geological Survey of Canada.
  3. Pulling Apart the Cordilleran Orogen: Tectonic and Magmatic Processes Revealed within Extensional Terranes.
    Dan Gibson, Simon Fraser University (SFU); Derek Thorkelson, SFU; Sarah Brown, SFU.
  4. Rivers, Humans, and Fish: River Morphology and Ecohydraulics.
    Leif Burge, Okanagan College; Norman Corbett.

Speaker Information

Oral presentations will be 20 minutes in length (15 min. for presentation and 5 min. for questions and discussion). Oral presentations will use a single digital projector with standard presentation software. One overhead projector will be provided in each room. Use of 35 mm slides will be permitted only under special circumstances and must be requested 30 days in advance by contacting the technical program chair, Rob Young.

An individual may present only one volunteered paper, but may be a co-author on multiple abstracts. Those individuals invited to present a paper in a symposium may present an additional volunteered paper in a general session or theme session.


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