FIELD TRIPS & Workshops

Early Registration Deadline: 6 April 2009
Cancellation Deadline: 13 April 2009


Field trips in conjunction with this meeting will observe local geology associated with Cenozoic rifting and volcanism, local mining activity, surface and groundwater research in this semiarid basin, glacial geology at the edge of the Channelled Scablands, and the Burgess Shales area on the 100th anniversary of their discovery. Students may apply for field trip grants.

Inquiries can be directed to the field trip committee chair John Greenough.

  1. Geological Highlights, Terrior, and Wines of the Okanagan Valley.
    Mon.-Wed., 4-6 May
    Robert Fulton (GSC ret.); Patricia Bowen, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre (PARC), Andrew Okulitch, (GSC emt.), Scott Smith, (PARC).
    Cost: US$420. Min.: 10; max.: 40.
  1. Late Quaternary Landscapes of the Central Okanagan Basin.
    Wed., 6 May
    Skye Thomson, UBC Okanagan
    Cost: US$110. Min.: 8; max.: 12.
  2. Tour of CF Mineral Research.
    Thurs., 7 May
    Charles Fipke, CF Minerals Research Ltd.
    Free — must register to attend. Min.: 5; max.: 12.
  3. Water Contributions to the Channeled Scablands from the Cordillera.
    Sat.–Thurs., 9–14 May
    John Shaw, Univ. of Alberta; Darren Sjogren, Univ. of Calgary; Rob Young, Univ. of British Columbia.
    Cost: US$626. Min.: 8; max.: 18.
  4. Effects of Channelization on Rivers.
    Sun., 10 May
    Leif Burge, Okanagan College; Norman Corbett.
    Cost: US$85. Min.: 12; max.: 18.
  5. Geoarcheology in the Southern Interior B.C. Plateau Culture Area.
    Sun.-Tues., 10-12 May
    James Baker, Okanagan University College (retired); Dan Bruce, John Greenough, UBC Okanagan.
    Cost: US$460. Min.: 4; max.: 15.
  6. Mount Stephen: Low Level Equivalents to the Burgess Shales.
    Sat.–Sun., 9–10 May
    Paul Johnston, Mt. Royal College
    Cost: US$223. Min.:5; max.: 12
  7. The Okanagan Valley Fault System, Southern Okanagan Valley (Oliver to Penticton).
    Sun.-Mon., 10-11 May
    Dan Gibson, Simon Fraser University (SFU); Derek Thorkelson, SFU; Sarah Brown, SFU.
    Cost: US$300. Min.: 10; max.: 30.


  1. Ground Penetrating Radar.
    Wed., 6 May, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Greg Johnson, Sensors and Software, Missisauga, Ontario.
    Cost: US$223. Min.: 15; max.: 30.
  2. Helping K-12 Teachers Explore GSA Geoscience Resources.
    Cosponsored by GSA Education & Outreach and the GSA Education Committee.


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