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Cordilleran: 104th Annual Meeting
Rocky Mountain: 60th Annual Meeting

19-21 March 2008

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While Las Vegas has a worldwide reputation as a glittering tourist town, it is also a geologic paradise. Located within the Basin and Range province adjacent to the Colorado Plateau, Las Vegas offers many field trip opportunities, including trips in the eastern Mojave Desert, the northwest Colorado Plateau, and the Northern Colorado River Extensional Corridor. The accessible geology includes Proterozoic basement complexes, Paleozoic marine strata, Mesozoic continental strata, Miocene-Pliocene volcanic-plutonic complexes and syn-extensional sedimentary basins, Quaternary volcanic fields, tilted crustal sections, and structures recording Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonism. Mid-March weather in southern Nevada is generally pleasant, with sunny skies, highs in the 70s, and lows in the 50s.

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Parking at UNLV requires a parking permit, except after 5PM and on weekends. Free parking has been arranged on floors 2-5 in the parking garage off Cottage Grove Avenue (off Maryland Parkway one block south of Flamingo). Maryland Parkway bounds the east side of campus and Flamingo bounds the north side. The garage is building #85 on the map (also labeled "A") and the Student Union is building #31. The walk to the Student Union from the parking garage take 5-10 minutes; exit the southeast corner of the garage, walk south between buildings #84 and #86 and continue south along the north-south mall until it dead ends into the Student Union.
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