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General information

Memorials are tributes written by associates, friends, or relatives, to deceased members of GSA.

Published Memorials are listed below.

Memorial preprints currently available for download are marked with a PDF symbol. Downloads are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to view. Currently only volumes 28-37 are downloadable, but more will be added as they become available. Preprints can also be obtained free of charge by contacting GSA Sales and Service, , +1-888-443-4472 (toll-free in U.S.) or 303-357-1000, option 3.

PDF Name Years Volume

NOTE: You can sort the list by Name, Years, or Volume by clicking on the header name.
Volume numbers prefixed with "pr" refer to "Proceedings Volume of the Geological Society of America
Annual Report" where Memorials were published here before they had their own publication series.

PDF Abbott, Agatin Townsend 1917-197507
PDF Adams, Samuel Clifford 1912-197103
PDF Addington, Arch Rombough 1894-197204
PDF Addison, Carl Calvin 1903-197810
PDF Agenbroad, Larry Delmar 1933–201444
PDF Ahlmann, Hans W. 1889-197406
PDF Aho, Aaro Emil 1925-197709
PDF Albers, John P. 1919-198619
PDF Albritton Jr, Claude C. 1913-198824
PDF Alcock, Frederick James 1888-197204
PDF Aldrich, Henry Raymond 1891-197914
PDF Alexander Jr., Charles Ivan 1902-198012
PDF Alexander, Richard R. 1946–200637
PDF Allen, Victor Thomas 1898-198618
PDF Allison, Edwin Chester 1925-197103
PDF Allison, Ira S. 1895-199023
PDF Almela Samper, Antonio 1903-198722
PDF Alvarez Jr, Manuel 1905-198922
PDF Ambrose, John Willis 1904-197406
PDF Amstutz, Gerhard Christian 1922-200537
PDF Anderman, George 1926-199526
PDF Anderson, Carl Bernard 1889-198315
PDF Anderson, Charles Alfred 1902-199023
PDF Anderson, Howard T. 1909-198114
PDF Anderson, Judson Lowell 1902-197709
PDF Andrews, (Everett) Philip 1898-198315
PDF Andrews, David Arthur 1906-199325
PDF Antevs, Ernst Valdemar 1888-197406
PDF Anthony, John Williams 1920-199225
PDF Apfel, Earl Taylor 1892-197305
PDF Apotria, Ted 1961-200939
PDF Applin, Esther Richards 1895-197204
PDF Applin, Paul Livingston 1891-198113
PDF Armstrong, John Edward 1912-199526
PDF Armstrong, Lee C. 1904-199224
PDF Armstrong, Richard Lee 1937-199123
PDF Arper, William Burnside 1915-198416
PDF Aurin, Fritz Love 1891-196901
PDF Averitt, Paul 1908-199123
PDF Back, William 1925–200838
PDF Bagnold, Ralph Alger 1896-199023
PDF Bailey, Alan Marsh 1938-200334
PDF Bailey, Edgar Herbert 1914-198316
PDF Bailey, Sturges 1919-199426
PDF Baird, Alexander Kennedy 1932-198518
PDF Baker III, Arthur 1923-199527
PDF Baker, Arthur A. 1897-199629
PDF Baker, Charles Laurence 1887-197915
PDF Baker, Roger Crane 1910-198823
PDF Bandy, Orville L. 1917-197305
PDF Bannerman, Harold MacColl 1897-197608
PDF Barbat, William Franklin 1905-199628
PDF Barbour, George Brown 1890-197709
PDF Barghoorn Jr, Elso Sterrenberg 1915-198416
PDF Barksdale, Julian Devereaux 1904-198315
PDF Barnes, Harley 1916-197911
PDF Barnes, Ivan 1931-198920
PDF Barr, Kenneth William 1914-198718
PDF Barrett, Leslie Park 1887-197204
PDF Barrow, Leonidas Theodore 1895-197810
PDF Barth, Thomas F. W. 1899-197103
PDF Baskerville, Charles Alexander 1928–200940
PDF Bass, Nathan Wood 1893-197914
PDF Bassett, Charles F. 1900-199024
PDF Bateman, Alan Mara 1889-197103
PDF Bates, Robert Glenn 1923-197204
PDF Bates, Robert L. 1912-199425
PDF Bates, Thomas Fulcher 1917-199931
PDF Bauer, Paul Sherman 1904-197714
PDF Bayley, Richard William 1919-197406
PDF Be, Allan W. H. 1931-198315
PDF Beach, Hugh Hamilton 1909-197305
PDF Bechtold, Ira C. 1909-198416
PDF Beck, Henry V. 1920-198622
PDF Becker, Raymond C. 1906-199325
PDF Beebe, Byron Warren 1913-199022
PDF Beers Sr, Roland Frank 1899-198517
PDF Behre Jr, Charles H. 1896-198618
PDF Bell III, Henry 1923-198925
PDF Bell, A. Lyndon 1905-198114
PDF Bell, Alfred Hannam 1895-197709
PDF Bell, Christopher Keith 1925-197305
PDF Bell, Olin Grogan 1893-197003
PDF Belt Jr., Charles Banks 1931-199629
PDF Berg, John Robert 1915-200333
PDF Bergquist, Harlan Richard 1908-198214
PDF Bergstrom, Robert E. 1923-199628
PDF Bernhagen, Ralph J. 1910-199729
PDF Berry, George W. 1915-199930
PDF Berry, Leonard Gascoigne 1914-198214
PDF Betz Jr., Frederick 1915-199729
PDF Beveridge, Thomas Robinson 1918-197811
PDF Biemesderfer, George K. 1916-199326
PDF Biggs, Donald Lee 1920-199022
PDF Birch, Francis 1903-199224
PDF Bird, Paul Harrison 1900-197407
PDF Birdsall, John Manning 1902-197507
PDF Bissell, Harold J. 1913-199426
PDF Black, Craig Call 1932-199831
PDF Black, Robert F. 1918-198316
PDF Blackstone, Donald L. Jr 1909-200434
PDF Blackwelder, Eliot 1880-196901
PDF Blair, Charles Scofield 1883-197103
PDF Blake, Oliver Duncan 1910-198624
PDF Blanchard, Roland 1891-196605
PDF Blank Sr, Horace R. 1989-198423
PDF Blanpied, Bernard William 1897-197507
PDF Blondel, Fernand 1894-196803
PDF Blythe, Ernest W. Jr. 1930-200536
PDF Boerner, Alfred E. ,"Al" 1927-201039
PDF Bolton, Thomas E. 1924-199729
PDF Bond, Geoffrey 1912-198315
PDF Boos, Margaret Fuller 1982-197812
PDF Botero-Arango, Gerardo 1911-198618
PDF Boutwell, John Mason 1874-196801
PDF Boyd, James 1904-198419
PDF Bradley, Wilmot Hyde 1899-197911
PDF Brainerd, Arthur Edward 1897-197507
PDF Branson, Carl Colton 1906-197507
PDF Branson, Edwin Robert 1908-197103
PDF Brashears, Maurice Lyman 1908-197507
PDF Braunstein, Jules 1913-198315
PDF Breger, Irving A. 1920-198217
PDF Brehm, Clarence Eckhardt 1910-198014
PDF Bricker, Owen P. III 1936–201140
PDF Bridgman, Robert Ware 1915-197406
PDF Bright, Robert C. 1927-199526
PDF Brinkmann, Roland 1889-199527
PDF Brock, Byron Britton 1904-197204
PDF Bronner, Finn Eyolf 1911-200333
PDF Brookins, Douglas G. 1936-199123
PDF Brown, Charles Wilson 1874-197406
PDF Brown, Glen F. 1911-200132
PDF Brown, John Stafford 1894-198518
PDF Brown, Randall E. 1917-200534
PDF Browne, Rollin 1895-197002
PDF Brummer, Johannes J. 1921-200534
PDF Brunnschweiler, Rudolf Oskar 1915-198623
PDF Bucher, J. Eric 1915-198113
PDF Buckwalter, Tracy V. 1918-198922
PDF Buddington, Arthur Francis 1890-198014
PDF Buerger, Martin Julian 1903-198618
PDF Buie, Bennet Frank 1910-199223
PDF Bullard, Edward Crisp 1907-198018
PDF Bullard, Fred M. 1901-199427
PDF Burbank, Wilbur Swett 1898-197509
PDF Burford, Arthur E. 1928-200435
PDF Burgess, C. Harry 1910-198315
PDF Burke, Harold William 1923-198520
PDF Burma II,Benjamin Harrison 1917-198116
PDF Burnham, Willis Lee 1919-199225
PDF Butler, James Robert 1930-199628
PDF Byerly, Perry 1897-197810
PDF Byrne, Frank Edward 1907-197406
PDF Cady, Gilbert Haven 1882-197003
PDF Cady, Wallace M. 1912-199122
PDF Cailleux, Andre 1907-198619
PDF Caley, John Fletcher 1903-197103
PDF Calkins, Frank Cathcart 1878-197406
PDF Callaghan, Eugene 1904-199021
PDF Calver, James Lewis 1913-199426
PDF Cameron, Alexander Rankin 1927-200032
PDF Cameron, Eugene N. 1910-199930
PDF Cameron, Francis 1902-197507
PDF Camp, Charles Lewis 1893-197513
PDF Campbell, Arthur Byron 1924-197103
PDF Campbell, Charles D. 1905-198820
PDF Campbell, Donald Fergus 1913-198828
PDF Campbell, Guy 1877-197002
PDF Campbell, Ian 1899-197812
PDF Campbell, Neil 1914-197810
PDF Cannon, Helen L. 1911-199628
PDF Cariani, Anthony R. 1918-197406
PDF Carlston, Charles W. 1912-198519
PDF Carpenter, E. Gail 1903-199124
PDF Carrillo-Martinez, Miguel 1943-200636
PDF Cartwright Jr., Lon D. 1902-198012
PDF Carver Jr., George E. 1919-198018
PDF Cary, Allen S. 1904-198115
PDF Casagrande, Arthur 1902-198113
PDF Castaρo, John R. 1926-199730
PDF Caster, Kenneth Edward 1908-199225
PDF Cater Jr, Frederick William 1912-199830
PDF Cathcart, James B. 1917-199326
PDF Chace, Frederic Mason 1906-198417
PDF Chaney, Ralph Works 1890-197103
PDF Chawner, William D. 1903-199427
PDF Chayes, Felix 1916-199325
PDF Chenoweth, Philip A. 1919-199426
PDF Chesterman, Charles Wesley 1913-199125
PDF Chidester, Alfred H. 1914-198517
PDF Childs, Orlo Eckersley 1914-199628
PDF Chronic, Byron John 1921-199628
PDF Clark, Frank Rinker 1881-197406
PDF Clark, Leslie Madison 1898-197608
PDF Clark, Lorin Delbert 1918-197709
PDF Clark, Thomas Henry 1893-199631
PDF Clemons, Russell E. 1930-199426
PDF Clendenin, Thomas Pipes 1896-197406
PDF Cloos, Ernest 1898-197406
PDF Cloud, Preston 1912-199122
PDF Coats, Robert Roy 1910-199526
PDF Cobb, Edward Huntington 1916-198315
PDF Cobban, W.A. “Bill” 1916–201544
PDF Coffin, Reuben Clare 1886-197204
PDF Cohee, George Vincent 1907-199024
PDF Cole, W. Storrs 1902-198920
PDF Collinson, Charles 1923-201141
PDF Colquhoun, Donald John 1932-199931
PDF Conant, Louis C. 1902-199931
PDF Connaughton, Mark Patrick 1912-199224
PDF Connolly, Frank Thomas 1921-198820
PDF Conybeare, Charles Eric Bruce 1917-198214
PDF Cook, Earl F. 1920-198318
PDF Cooke, Charles Wythe 1887-197103
PDF Coombs, Howard A. 1906-199022
PDF Cooper, Byron Nelson 1912-197103
PDF Cooper, William Skinner 1884-197810
PDF Corbett, Clifton Sherwood 1891-198417
PDF Cordell, Robert J. 1917-199728
PDF Corey, William Henry 1901-197911
PDF Correns, Carl Wilhelm 1893-198012
PDF Corwin, Gilbert 1921-199428
PDF Cotton, Charles Andrew 1885-197002
PDF Coulter, Jr., Henry Welty 1920-199627
PDF Cox, Benjamin B. 1898-198618
PDF Cox, Doak C. 1917-200333
PDF Craig, Lawrence C. 1918-198315
PDF Cram Sr., Ira Higgins 1901-198921
PDF Crickmay, Colin Hayter 1899-198820
PDF Crickmay, Geoffrey W. 1905-197103
PDF Crittenden Jr., Max D. 1917-198214
PDF Croneis, Carey 1901-197204
PDF Crosby, Garth Merrill 1919-199223
PDF Cross, Charles Mumaw 1909-198115
PDF Crowl, George Henry 1910-198719
PDF Cullison, James Shelley 1906-199427
PDF Culver, Harold 1883-197002
PDF Cummings, Jon Clark 1930-198620
PDF Currier, Louis Wade 1890-197002
PDF Curtis, Doris M. 1914-199123
PDF Cushman, Joseph Augustine 1881-1949pr51
PDF Dally, Jesse LeRoy 1923-199930
PDF Dana, Stephen Winchester 1920-198623
PDF Davies, William E. 1917-199024
PDF Davis, Elmer Fred 1887-197406
PDF Davis, Morgan J. 1898-197912
PDF DeBenedetti, John "Benny" Joseph 1912-199628
PDF DeBuchananne, George D'Aumale 1919-199024
PDF Deflandre, Georges 1897-197305
PDF DeFord, Ronald Kinnison 1902-199425
PDF DeGoes, Louis 1914-199729
PDF Dehlinger, Peter 1917-199429
PDF Dellwig, Louis Field 1922–201241
PDF Dengo, Gabriel 1922-199933
PDF Denis, Bertrand Tyrrell 1903-198517
PDF Dennis, John Gordon 1920-198924
PDF Denny, Charles Storrow 1911-199931
PDF Dickey, Parke A. 1909-199527
PDF Dickey, Robert I. 1907-199122
PDF Dietz, Robert Sinclair 1914-199529
PDF Dillon, John Thomas 1947-198724
PDF Diodato, David M. 1959–201343
PDF Dobrin, Milton B. 1915-198012
PDF Dobrovolvy, Ernest 1912-199628
PDF Dodds, Roland Kenneth 1928-198619
PDF Dodge, Theodore Ayrault 1911-199225
PDF Dole, Hollis M. 1914-198719
PDF Doll, Charles G. 1898-199023
PDF Dolmage, Victor 1887-198012
PDF Donn, William L. 1918-198719
PDF Donnelly, Alden S. 1907-197812
PDF Dorf, Erling 1905-198418
PDF Dorr II, John Van Nostrand 1910-199629
PDF Dott Sr., Robert H. 1896-198820
PDF Douglas, John Gray 1900-197406
PDF Douglas, Robert J. W. 1920-197911
PDF Downs, George Reed 1903-198416
PDF Doyle, F. Larry 1926-200534
PDF Drake, Charles Lum 1924-199729
PDF Dreyer, Robert Marx 1914-199731
PDF Driver, Edgar S. 1921-198517
PDF Dryden, Lincoln 1903-197709
PDF DuBar, Jules R. 1923-200939
PDF Dubertret, Louis 1904-197915
PDF Dunbar, Carl Owen 1891-197911
PDF Duncan, Helen M. 1910-197105
PDF Durham, Forrest 1915-197406
PDF Durham, J. Wyatt 1907-199630
PDF Durrell, Cordell 1908-198618
PDF Dutton, Carl E. 1904-198517
PDF Eardley, Armand John 1901-197204
PDF Eargle, Dolan Hoye 1905-197305
PDF Easton, William Heyden 1916-199627
PDF Eastwood, George Edmund Peer 1923-199628
PDF Echols, Dorothy Jung 1916-199728
PDF Eckel, Edwin B. 1906-198920
PDF Edmund, Rudolf W. 1910-199730
PDF Edwards, Merwin Guy 1889-196901
PDF Ehlig, Perry L. 1927-199931
PDF Ekblaw, George E. 1895-197204
PDF Elberty Jr., William Turner 1930-200034
PDF Elias, Maxim Konrad 1889-198231
PDF Eller, Eugene Rudy 1904-197612
PDF Elliott, Harold C. 1910-197204
PDF Ellsworth, Elmer William 1907-199730
PDF Elsasser, Walter M. 1904-199124
PDF Emmons, Richard Conrad 1898-199325
PDF Engel, Rene Laurent 1887-198015
PDF Englund, Kenneth J. 1925-200334
PDF Enlows, Harold E. 1911-198518
PDF Erdmann, Charles Edgar 1897-197103
PDF Ericksen, George E. 1920-199627
PDF Escalante, Gregorio 1932–200637
PDF Espenshade, Gilbert Howry 1912-199329
PDF Ewing, Maurice 1906-197406
PDF Fahey, Joseph John 1901-198015
PDF Fahnestock, Robert Kendall 1932-198012
PDF Fairbairn, Harold Williams 1906-199426
PDF Fallaw, Wallace C. 1936-199527
PDF Farmin, Rollin 1903-197711
PDF Farvolden, Robert N. 1929-199527
PDF Fath, Arthur Earl 1887-197608
PDF Felts, Wayne Moore 1912-198823
PDF Ferguson, Harry F. 1921-198921
PDF Fergusson, William Blake 1924-199931
PDF Feth, John H. 1913-199527
PDF Fidlar, Marion M. 1909-199126
PDF Fiedler, William M. 1914-197002
PDF Field, William Osgood 1904-199427
PDF Fields, Robert W. 1920-199528
PDF Finn, Fenton Harrison 1904-197810
PDF Fischer, Richard Philip 1910-199125
PDF Fisher, D. Jerome 1896-198819
PDF Flint, Richard Foster 1902-197608
PDF Fluhr, Thomas W. 1898-198719
PDF Foley, Frank Clingan 1906-198517
PDF Folinsbee, Robert E. 1917-200837
PDF Fontbote I Mussolas, Josep-Maria 1921-198924
PDF Forrester, James Donald 1906-197911
PDF Foss, Ted H. 1935-200333
PDF Fowler, George M. 1885-197204
PDF Fowler, Henry Florey 1917-198719
PDF Franklin, Louis 1898-199426
PDF Franks, Paul Conway 1930-201040
PDF Fraser, Donald M. 1903-199123
PDF Frenzel, Hugh Neumann 1918-199022
PDF Fridley, Harry M. 1893-198012
PDF Friedman, Melvin (Mel) 1930-199729
PDF Fritts, Crawford Ellsworth 1927-197204
PDF Fritz, Madeleine Alberta 1896-199023
PDF Frizzell, Don L. 1906-197204
PDF Froelich, Albert J. 1929-199325
PDF Frohberg, M. Hans 1901-197002
PDF Frye, John Chapman 1912-198234
PDF Fryxell, Fritiof Melvin 1900-198618
PDF Fryxell, Roald Hilding 1934-197408
PDF Fuller, Richard Eugene 1897-197608
PDF Furcron, Aurelius Sydney 1899-197103
PDF Furnival, George Mitchell 1908–201040
PDF Gair, Jacob E "Jack", 1922-199829
PDF Galbreath, Edwin Carter 1913-198923
PDF Galey, Jon Taylor 1907-199224
PDF Galusha, Theodore (Ted) 1911-197911
PDF Gansser, Augusto 1910–201241
PDF Gardner, William Irving 1903-199125
PDF Garrels, Robert M. 1916-198820
PDF Garretson, Mary Welleck 1896-197104
PDF Garrett Jr., Julius Benjamin 1913-197810
PDF Gates, George O. 1905-199023
PDF Gazin, Charles Lewis 1904-199628
PDF Gealey, William Kelso 1918-199327
PDF Gilbert, Charles M. 1910-198820
PDF Gilbert, Philip Geoffrey Britton 1893-197709
PDF Gill, James Edward 1901-198012
PDF Gill, James Rogers 1922-197204
PDF Gillerman, Elliot 1913-197406
PDF Gilluly, James 1896-198012
PDF Glenister, Brian Frederick 1928–201242
PDF Glock, Waldo S. 1897-199023
PDF Glover III, Lynn 1928-200636
PDF Goddard, Edwin N. 1904-199728
PDF Goering, Milford Wayne 1917-199628
PDF Goguel, Jean 1908-198718
PDF Goldring, Winifred 1888-197103
PDF Goldsmith, Julian Royce 1918-199931
PDF Goldthwait, Richard Parker 1911-199224
PDF Goodell, Horace N. 1915-197103
PDF Gooding, Ansel Miller 1924-197608
PDF Goodman, Clark 1909-198316
PDF Goodspeed, George Edward 1887-197406
PDF Gordon Jr., Mackenzie 1913-199223
PDF Goreau, Thomas Fritz 1924-197002
PDF Gorrell, Harold Alvin 1924-198517
PDF Goudarzi, Gus H. 1918-199628
PDF Gouin, Walter Francis 1894-198324
PDF Gould, Donald Boyd 1906-198923
PDF Gould, Howard R. 1921–201343
PDF Graham, John Warren 1918-197103
PDF Graton, Louis Caryl 1880-197002
PDF Gravenor, Conrad 1923-198618
PDF Gray, Ralph Joseph 1923-200939
PDF Greene, Frank Cook 1886-197507
PDF Gresens, Randall Lee 1935-198214
PDF Griffiths, John C. 1912-199224
PDF Griggs, David Tressel 1911-197307
PDF Grim, Ralph Early 1902-198920
PDF Griswold, Daniel H. 1909-199327
PDF Grogan, Robert Mann 1912-198214
PDF Gross, Gordon Arnold 1923-201140
PDF Gross, William Harvey 1917-198719
PDF Gruner, John Walter 1890-198113
PDF Guidotti, Charles Vincent 1935-200536
PDF Guild, Philip W. 1915-199225
PDF Gulmon, Gordon Wesley "Buck" 1913-198417
PDF Gunter, Herman 1885-197204
PDF Gustafson, John Kyle 1906-198214
PDF Guzman, Eduardo Jose 1920-198921
PDF Gwynne, Charles Sumner 1885-197204
PDF Haas, Otto Heinrich 1887-197609
PDF Hack, John T. 1913-199123
PDF Hackman, Robert Joseph 1923-198012
PDF Hadley, Jarvis Bardwell 1909-197406
PDF Hagan, Wallace Woodrow 1913-199729
PDF Hage, Conrad O. 1901-199022
PDF Hake, Benjamin Franklin 1895-197305
PDF Hale, W. Ernest 1927-198619
PDF Hall, Bruce McCurdy 1918-197710
PDF Hall, Robert 1915–200838
PDF Hall, Wayne Everett 1920-198618
PDF Haller, John 1927-198417
PDF Ham, William Eugene 1916-197005
PDF Hambleton, William W(eldon) 1921–201242
PDF Hamilton, Daniel Kirk 1923-198417
PDF Hamilton, Edwin Lee 1914-199830
PDF Handin, John Walter 1919-199124
PDF Hanna, Marcus Albert 1898-197811
PDF Hansell, James M. 1902-197002
PDF Hanshaw, Bruce B. 1930-199830
PDF Hardin Jr, George C. 1920-199931
PDF Hares, Charles Joseph 1881-197002
PDF Hargraves, Robert 1928-200333
PDF Harksen, John Christian (J.C.) 1935-199426
PDF Harrington, Horacio J. 1910-197307
PDF Harrington, John W. 1918-198618
PDF Harris, Leonard D. 1925-198215
PDF Harris, Steven Hesse 1924-200132
PDF Harrison, Jack E. 1924-199527
PDF Harrison, John Vernon 1892-197204
PDF Harshbarger, John W. 1914-199123
PDF Hatch Jr., Norman L. 1932-199124
PDF Hatfield, Willis C. 1898-197002
PDF Haughton, Sidney Henry 1888-198214
PDF Hawkes Jr, Herbert E. 1912-199629
PDF Hay, Richard Leroy 1926-200635
PDF Hayes Jr., William Clifton 1920-199123
PDF Hayes, John Robert 1912-197709
PDF Hazzard, John Charles 1903-197305
PDF Hedberg, Hollis Dow 1903-198820
PDF Heim, George E. 1934-198923
PDF Heller, Robert L. 1919-199325
PDF Henderson, Lyle H. 1903-199022
PDF Hendricks, Leo 1907-198820
PDF Hendricks, Sterling Brown 1902-198113
PDF Hendricks, Thomas Andrews 1907-198517
PDF Henshaw, Paul Carrington 1913-198618
PDF Hersey, John Brackett 1913-199224
PDF Hess, Harry Hammond 1906-196901
PDF Hewett, Donnel Foster 1881-197104
PDF Heyman, Louis 1923-199425
PDF Hibbard, Claude William 1905-197305
PDF Hiestand, Thomas Cleon 1901-197911
PDF High, Lee Rawdon Jr. 1941-200434
PDF Hill, Mason Lowell 1904-199224
PDF Hills, Thomas McDougall 1881-197002
PDF Hilpert, Lowell S. 1910-199224
PDF Hobbs, Samuel Warren 1911-199628
PDF Hodge, Edwin Thomas 1887-197002
PDF Hoffmeister, J. Edward 1899-199122
PDF Holland, Charles T. 1905-198315
PDF Holm, Esther Aberdeen 1904-198421
PDF Holmes, Chauncey DePew 1897-198113
PDF Holmes, George William 1922-197002
PDF Holtedahl, Olaf 1885-197507
PDF Hooker, Marjorie 1908-197608
PDF Hoots, Harold W. 1899-197918
PDF Hoover, Linn 1923-198517
PDF Horowitz, Alan S. 1930-199930
PDF Hosterman, John W. 1923-199123
PDF Howard, Arthur D. 1906-198619
PDF Howard, John (Jack) Hall 1934-200939
PDF Howe, Henry V. 1896-197305
PDF Howe, Wallace B. 1926-199527
PDF Howell, Benjamin Franklin 1890-197608
PDF Howell, Jesse V. 1891-197103
PDF Howland, Arthur Lloyd 1908-197812
PDF Hoyt, John Harger 1928-197003
PDF Hubbert, M. King 1903-198924
PDF Huddle, John Warfield 1907-197513
PDF Huey, Arthur Sidney 1909-198418
PDF Huff, James R. 1916-198519
PDF Hughes, Paul Warren 1919-198416
PDF Hume, James D. 1923-199529
PDF Humphrey, William Elliott 1914-198417
PDF Hunt, Walter Frederick 1882-197507
PDF Hussey, Russell C. 1888-197002
PDF Hutchison, Charles Strachan 1933–201141
PDF Hutchison, William Watt 1935-198718
PDF Hutton, Colin Osborne 1910-197103
PDF Illies, Jurgen Henning 1924-198216
PDF Ireland, Hubert Andrew 1904-197305
PDF Irving, Earl Montgomery 1911-198315
PDF Irwin, James Haskell 1923-199630
PDF Irwin, William Harold 1908-197406
PDF Irwin, William Porter 1919-201242
PDF Ivey, John Barna 1927-200334
PDF Jackson, Everett Dale 1925-197810
PDF Jacob, Charles Edward 1914-197002
PDF Jahns, Richard H. 1915-198315
PDF James, Allan H. 1911-198518
PDF James, Harold Lloyd 1912-200032
PDF James, John William 1921-197709
PDF Jeffreys, Sir Harold 1891-198924
PDF Jeletzky, Jurij A. 1915-198821
PDF Jenkins, Olaf P. 1889-198315
PDF Jenks, William F. 1909-199931
PDF Jennings, Philip Hennen 1899-197406
PDF Jepsen, Glenn Lowell 1903-197406
PDF Jespersen, Anna 1895-198924
PDF Jewett, John Mark 1896-197002
PDF Jiqing, Huang 1904-199528
PDF Johnson Jr., Robert W. 1924-198921
PDF Johnson, Charles George 1914-196904
PDF Johnson, Clayton H. 1916-198821
PDF Johnson, Donald Lee 1934–201342
PDF Johnson, Frank Walker 1909-198921
PDF Johnson, J. Harlan 1892-197406
PDF Johnson, John Granville 1932-199426
PDF Johnson, Meredith Esrey 1897-197524
PDF Johnson, Noye Munroe 1930-198724
PDF Johnson, Wendell Berdette 1923-199224
PDF Johnson, William Hilton 1935-199730
PDF Johnston, Floyd T. 1906-199124
PDF Johnston, Ian McKay 1932-199325
PDF Johnston, William Drum 1899-197204
PDF Jones, Daniel John 1914-198416
PDF Jones, Fred Oscar 1912-198315
PDF Jones, Islwyn Winwaeloc 1902-197305
PDF Jones, Verner Everett 1905-197709
PDF Judson, Sheldon 1918-199931
PDF Junger, Arne 1904-198114
PDF Kaesler, Roger L. 1937-200736
PDF Karpinski, Robert W. 1906-198219
PDF Kay, Marshall 1904-197507
PDF Kaye, Clifford Alan 1916-198518
PDF Keen, Angeline Myra 1905-198618
PDF Kehrer-Erni, Louis 1897-197914
PDF Kelley, Dana Robineau 1927-198725
PDF Kelley, Vincent Cooper 1904-198824
PDF Kellogg, Remington 1892-196904
PDF Kellum, Lewis Burnett 1897-198517
PDF Kelly, John Martin 1914-197710
PDF Kent, Deane F. 1915-198819
PDF Kent, Harry Christison 1930-199122
PDF Kerr, Paul Francis 1897-198115
PDF Ketin, Ihsan 1914-199528
PDF Kiersch, George Alfred 1918-200135
PDF Kilkenny, John Edward 1913-199527
PDF King, Philip B. 1903-198720
PDF King, Robert E. 1906-198517
PDF Kirby, James M. 1901-199730
PDF Kirkemo, Harold 1915-199425
PDF Kleinpell, Robert Minssen 1905-198618
PDF Klepper, Montis Ruhl 1915-197810
PDF Klepser, Harry John 1908-199125
PDF Knappen, Russell Stafford 1892-198214
PDF Knebel, George Moses 1899-197406
PDF Knight, Samuel Howell 1892-197507
PDF Knight, Wilbur H. 1921-199831
PDF Knopf, Eleanora Bliss 1883-197406
PDF Knowles, Gerald Elgin 1923-197608
PDF Knutsen, Gale Curtis 1952-199627
PDF Kobayashi, Teiichi 1901-199627
PDF Koch, Richard E. 1898-198315
PDF Kohout, Francis A. 1924-198523
PDF Kolb, Charles Rudolph 1920-198214
PDF Korringa, Marjorie K. 1943-197406
PDF Kosanke, Robert M. 1917-199629
PDF Kozak, Samuel J. 1931-199729
PDF Krebs, Wolfgang 1933-198113
PDF Krumbein, William 1902-197933
PDF Kuellmer, Frederick J. 1924-199224
PDF Kuenen, Phillip H. 1902-197608
PDF Kugler, Hans Gottfried 1893-198618
PDF Kuhn, Truman Howard 1908-198820
PDF Kummel, Bernhard 1919-198012
PDF Kunkel, Fred 1918-199125
PDF Kuno,Hisashi 1910-196901
PDF Ladd, Harry Stephen 1899-198214
PDF Lahee, Frederic Henry 1884-196801
PDF Laird, Wilson M. 1915-199729
PDF Lamar, Donald L. 1930-200939
PDF Lamar, John Everts 1897-197912
PDF Lamey, Carl Arthur 1892-198518
PDF Lammers, Edward C. H. 1910-197103
PDF Lance, John Franklin 1916-199123
PDF Landes, Kenneth Knight 1899-198114
PDF Landes, Robert William 1910-196901
PDF Landwehr, Walter Richard 1893-197204
PDF Lang, Arthur H. 1905-199024
PDF Lang, Walter Barnes 1890-197305
PDF Lapham, Davis M. 1931-197407
PDF Larrabee, David Marcel 1909-197911
PDF Larson, Edward Richard 1920-197911
PDF Laudon, Lowell R. 1905-199325
PDF Laurence, Robert Abraham 1908-198418
PDF Laurin, Andre 1929-199123
PDF Lee, Charles A. 1908-198623
PDF Lee, Wallace 1883–197241
PDF Leet, L. Don 1901-197406
PDF Legget, Robert Ferguson 1904-199426
PDF Leighton, Morris Morgan 1887-197103
PDF Leo, Gerhard W. 1930-199830
PDF Leopold, Luna B. 1915-200635
PDF Lepp, Henry 1922-199022
PDF Lessig, Heber D. 1914-199023
PDF Lester, John Lawrence 1914-197709
PDF Levandowski, Donald William 1927-199426
PDF Lewis Jr., Richard Wheatley 1925-198719
PDF Lewis, Joseph Volney 1869-196901
PDF Libby,Willard Frank 1908-198014
PDF Liberty, Bruce A. 1919-198218
PDF Lindvall, Robert M. 1916-198518
PDF Link, Theodore August 1897-198012
PDF Locke, Augustus 1883-198113
PDF Lohman, Stanley William 1907-199223
PDF Longley, W. Warren 1909-200333
PDF Longwell, Chester Ray 1887-197507
PDF Lougheed, Milford Seymour 1914-198012
PDF Lovejoy,Earl Mark Paul 1925-198113
PDF Lovering, Thomas Seward 1896-199124
PDF Lowenstam, Heinz 1912-199325
PDF Lucke, John Becker 1908-198214
PDF Ludwick Jr, John C. 1922-199224
PDF Lund, Ernest Howard 1915-198517
PDF Lupher, Ralph Leonard 1904-197911
PDF MacCarthy, Gerald Raleigh 1897-197406
PDF MacClintock, Paul 1891-197002
PDF Macdonald, Gordon Andrew 1911-197810
PDF Machatschki, Felix 1895-197002
PDF Maebius, Jed B. 1907-196901
PDF Maher, John Charles 1914-198012
PDF Mahrholz, Wolfgang Werner E. 1917-197305
PDF Malde, Harold Edwin 1923-200737
PDF Maldonado-Koerdell, Manuel 1908-197204
PDF Mann, Virgil Ivor 1920-197406
PDF Marchand, Denis Eugene 1939-198114
PDF Marine, Ira Wendell 1927-198618
PDF Marliave, Burton Hampton 1917-199123
PDF Marr, John Douglas 1900-197914
PDF Marsden, Ralph W. 1911-198618
PDF Marsell, Ray Everett 1893-197103
PDF Martin, Bruce D. 1927-199730
PDF Martin, Henno 1910-199829
PDF Martinez, Joseph D. 1915-199830
PDF Martyn, Phil F. 1903-197406
PDF Mason, John F. 1913-199125
PDF Masters, Charles Day 1929-199931
PDF Mather, Kitley Fletcher 1888-197810
PDF Matthews III, William H. 1919-199123
PDF Maucher, Albert 1907-198116
PDF Maxey, George Burke 1917-197709
PDF Maxwell, John C. 1914-200635
PDF McConnel, Roger H. 1908-197103
PDF McConnell, Richard B. 1903-198619
PDF McCoy III, Alex W. 1918-198720
PDF McDowell, Robert C. 1935-200032
PDF McFarlan, Arthur Crane 1897-198524
PDF McGetchin, Thomas R. 1936-197916
PDF McGill, John T. 1921-198718
PDF McGlamery, Josie Winifred 1887-197709
PDF McGrain, Preston 1917-199629
PDF McGuinness, Charles Lee 1914-197103
PDF McIntyre, Donald Bertram 1923-200939
PDF McKee Jr., Elliott Bates 1934-198214
PDF McKee, Edwin Dinwiddee 1906-198416
PDF McKnight, Edwin T. 1902-199225
PDF McLaren, Digby Johns 1919-200436
PDF McLaughlin, Donald Hamilton 1891-198416
PDF McLaughlin, Thad C. 1913-200233
PDF McMannis, William J. 1924-197305
PDF McMaster, Robert Luscher 1920-199329
PDF McQueen, Henry Silliman 1900-198618
PDF Meade, Grayson E. 1912-199526
PDF Meen, Victor Ben 1910-197104
PDF Meisler, Harold 1931-199122
PDF Melhorn, Wilton Newton 1920-200335
PDF Melton, Frank Armon 1896-198517
PDF Menard, Henry William 1920-198618
PDF Mencher, Ely 1913-197810
PDF Merriam, Charles Warren 1905-197406
PDF Merritt, Phillip Leonidas 1906-198114
PDF Mertie Jr., John Beaver 1888-198012
PDF Metsger, Robert William 1920–201241
PDF Meyer, Charles 1915-198719
PDF Meyerhoff, Arthur A. 1928-199426
PDF Meyerhoff, Howard Augustus 1899-198214
PDF Mikami, Harry M. 1915-199224
PDF Miller, Ralph LeRoy 1909-199124
PDF Miller, Victor C. 1922-198819
PDF Milton, Charles 1896-199024
PDF Miser, Hugh Dinsmore 1884-196901
PDF Mitcham, Thomas W. 1918-197911
PDF Mitchell, Robert Hamilton 1903-198416
PDF Moehlman, Robert Stevens 1920-198618
PDF Moneymaker, Berlen Clifford 1904-198215
PDF Monroe, Watson Hiner 1907-199225
PDF Montagne, John 1920–200838
PDF Moody, John Drummond 1918-198317
PDF Moore, Fred Holmsley 1909-198517
PDF Moore, George W. 1928-200737
PDF Moore, Raymond Cecil 1892–197441
PDF Moorhouse, Walter Wilson 1913-196901
PDF Morgan, Frank Albert 1898-197608
PDF Morisawa, Marie 1919-199426
PDF Moritz, Carl A. 1914-199123
PDF Morris, Robert Clarence 1928-198517
PDF Moses, John Herrick 1909-199427
PDF Moulton, Gail Francis 1898-197419
PDF Moxham, Robert M. 1919-197810
PDF Mozola, Andrew J. 1915-199125
PDF Muan, Arnulf 1923-199022
PDF Mullens, Thomas Ellison 1925-197507
PDF Muller, Siemon W. 1900-197004
PDF Murdoch, Joseph 1890-197305
PDF Murphy, Thomas D. 1905-198012
PDF Murray, C. Richard 1909-198922
PDF Murray, Grover E. 1916-200333
PDF Mutch, Thomas A. 1931-198013
PDF Nace, Raymond Lee 1907-198718
PDF Nafe, John Elliott 1914-199629
PDF Nalivkin, Dmitry Vasilievich 1889-198217
PDF Nelson, Katherine Greacen 1913-198215
PDF Nelson, Vincent E. 1913-198819
PDF Nelson, Wilbur Armistead 1890-196901
PDF Nesbitt, Robert H. 1906-199022
PDF Neuschel, Sherman Kennerson 1913-199125
PDF Nevin, Charles Merrick 1892-197507
PDF Newcombe, Robert B. 1901-198518
PDF Newell, Norman Dennis 1909-200535
PDF Newfarmer, Leo R. 1909-199830
PDF Newhouse, Walter Harry 1897-196901
PDF Newman, Walter S. 1927-198723
PDF Newton, John G. 1932-198420
PDF Nichols, Robert L. 1904-199534
PDF Nicol, Allen H. 1907-198620
PDF Nier, Alfred O.C. 1911-199427
PDF Nilsen, Tor Helge 1941-200538
PDF Noble, James Alexander 1898-199324
PDF Nolan, Thomas Brennan 1901-199227
PDF Norris, Robert M. 1921-201242
PDF Norton, James Jennings 1918-200539
PDF Notestein, Frank B. 1885-197305
PDF O'Connell, Daniel T. 1901-197103
PDF O'Connor, Howard Grant 1923-201039
PDF Oakes, Malcolm Christie 1890-197709
PDF Offield, Terry W. 1933-199931
PDF Okulitch, Vladimir Joseph 1906-199527
PDF Oleksyshyn, John 1901-198719
PDF Olson, Everett C. 1910-199327
PDF Ordonez, Georges 1907-198215
PDF Orville, Philip Moore 1930-198012
PDF Osborne, Freleigh Fitz 1903-200032
PDF Osborne, Robert H. 1939-199426
PDF Osterwald, Frank W. 1922-198921
PDF Oulianoff, Nicolas 1881-197709
PDF Owen, Edgar Wesley 1896-198113
PDF Packard, Earl Leroy 1885-198315
PDF Page, Benjamin M. 1911-199729
PDF Page, Lincoln Ridler 1910-199630
PDF Palmer, Katherine Van Winkle 1895-198217
PDF Papezik, Vladimir Stephen 1927-198417
PDF Park Jr., Charles F. 1903-199023
PDF Parker III, John Mason 1906-199529
PDF Parker, Ben H. 1902-196901
PDF Parker, Frank Stephen 1905-198416
PDF Patton, John Barratt 1915-198820
PDF Pavlides, Louis 1921-199831
PDF Payne, Thomas Gibson 1915-198620
PDF Pearson, Bruce Terrill 1924-199022
PDF Peck Jr., Joseph Howard 1918-198216
PDF Peck, Raymond Elliott 1904-198416
PDF Pecora, William Thomas 1913-197204
PDF Peirce, H. Wesley 1924-199426
PDF Peive, Alexander Voldemar 1909-198518
PDF Perry, Thomas Gregory 1919-197204
PDF Perry, Vincent Denis 1901-199728
PDF Pettijohn, Francis J. 1904-199931
PDF Pewe, Troy Lewis 1918-199931
PDF Philbrick, Shailer S. 1908-199426
PDF Phleger, Fred B. 1909-199325
PDF Pierce, William G. 1904-199426
PDF Pike, Jr., William S. 1907-198517
PDF Pillmore, Charles "Chuck" L. 1930-200335
PDF Piper, Arthur M. 1898-198923
PDF Pitt, William Daniel 1921-198316
PDF Poland, Joseph F. 1908-199123
PDF Pollock, J.P. 1915-199224
PDF Pond, Walter Franklin 1885-197406
PDF Poor, Russell Spurgeon 1899-197204
PDF Popenoe III, Willis Parkinson 1897-198120
PDF Pratt, Wallace Everette 1885-198114
PDF Prescott, Gordon Walter 1912-200635
PDF Price, Paul Holland 1898-198012
PDF Prucha, John James 1924–201243
PDF Quinn, Alonzo Wallace 1899-197709
PDF Radabaugh, Robert E. 1913-198923
PDF Radhakrishna, B.P. 1918–201241
PDF Ragland, Paul C. 1936-200535
PDF Rainwater, Edward H. 1909-197204
PDF Ramdohr, Paul 1890-198518
PDF Rappenecker, Casper 1906-198315
PDF Rasmussen, William Charles 1917-197308
PDF Ravneberg, Noel M. 1916-200234
PDF Ray, Louis Lamy 1909-197510
PDF Raymond, Louis Crawford 1906-199427
PDF Read, Herbert Harold 1889-197002
PDF Redfield, Robert Crim 1914-198618
PDF Redwine, Lowell E. 1911-198217
PDF Reed, Bruce Loring 1934-199325
PDF Reed, Eugene C. 1901-197608
PDF Reeves, Frank 1886-198618
PDF Reeves, Robert Greer 1920-199527
PDF Reichert, Stanley Orville 1912-197002
PDF Reinhardt, Juergen 1946-199124
PDF Reinhart, Philip Wingate 1905-199123
PDF Renick, Brink Coleman 1897-197103
PDF Renz, Hans H. 1910-200333
PDF Revelle, Roger Randall Dougan 1909-199124
PDF Rhoades, Roger F. 1905-197204
PDF Richards, Horace Gardner 1904-198418
PDF Richardson, Carl B. 1904-199325
PDF Riddell, John Evans 1913-199729
PDF Ringwood, A.E. (Ted) 1930-199325
PDF Risser, Hubert Elias 1914-197406
PDF Rittenhouse, Gordon 1910-197406
PDF Roberts, Albert E. 1921-199628
PDF Robertson, Percival 1889-198012
PDF Romer, Alfred Sherwood 1894-197305
PDF Ross Jr, Reuben J. 1918-200534
PDF Ross, Clarence Samuel 1880-197507
PDF Roth, Robert Ingersoll 1899-197912
PDF Rothrock, Edgar Paul 1889-197709
PDF Rothrock, Howard Eugene 1893-198316
PDF Rothwell Jr., William Thomas 1912-198417
PDF Rowland, Richards A. 1910-198517
PDF Roy, Chalmer J. 1907-199224
PDF Rubey, William Walden 1898-197406
PDF Ruellan, Francis 1894-197407
PDF Ruhe, Robert V. 1918-199325
PDF Runner, Joseph James 1885-197003
PDF Russell, R. Dana 1906-199223
PDF Russell, Richard Joel 1895-197103
PDF Russell, William Low 1897-197608
PDF Rutsch, Rolf F. 1902-197507
PDF Rutten, Martin Gerard 1910-197003
PDF Ryan, J. Donald 1921-199427
PDF Salas, Guillermo Pedro 1912-199022
PDF Salmon, Eleanor Seely 1910-198417
PDF Sandidge, John Roy 1897-197608
PDF Sanford, John Theron 1903-198113
PDF Sara, Martin N. 1946-200636
PDF Sargent, Kenneth A. 1932-199729
PDF Sartin, Austin A. 1936-199327
PDF Savit, Carl H. 1922-199627
PDF Scheid, Vernon E. 1906-198719
PDF Schenck, Hubert Gregory 1897-196010
PDF Schenk, Edward Theodore 1905-199224
PDF Schindewolf, Otto H. 1896-197103
PDF Schlaikjer, Erich Maren 1905-197204
PDF Schlanger, Seymour O. 1927-199023
PDF Schluger, Paul Randolph 1941-198618
PDF Schoff, Stuart L. 1906-199830
PDF Schopf, James Morton 1911-197810
PDF Schopf, Thomas Joseph Morton 1939-198416
PDF Schubert, Carlos 1938-199426
PDF Schumm, Stanley A. 1927–201141
PDF Schwartz, George Melvin 1892-198013
PDF Schweers, Richard Henry 1905-198013
PDF Scofield, Lloyd M. 1897-196903
PDF Scott, Harold W. 1906-199830
PDF Sears, Julian Ducker 1891-197002
PDF Sears, Richard S. 1924-199021
PDF Seltzer, Geoffrey Owen 1959-200534
PDF Sharkey, Henry H. R. 1916-198012
PDF Shaub, Benjamin Martin 1893-199324
PDF Shaver, Robert H. 1922-199729
PDF Shaw, Herbert Richard 1930-200233
PDF Sheldon, Richard P. 1923-199628
PDF Shepard, Francis Parker 1897-198518
PDF Shepherd, G. Frederick 1908-199022
PDF Shipek, Carl Joseph 1917-196901
PDF Silver, Caswell 1916-198829
PDF Simon, Jack Aaron 1919-200535
PDF Simon, Louis Joseph 1912-199628
PDF Simons, Frank Stanton 1917-199530
PDF Simpson Jr, Howard Edwin 1917-199627
PDF Simpson Sr, Thomas A. 1925-199729
PDF Simpson, George Gaylord 1902-198416
PDF Singewald, Quentin Dreyer 1902-198719
PDF Siple, George Elmer 1914-199023
PDF Sirkin, Leslie A. 1934-200031
PDF Sitler, Robert F. 1929-197406
PDF Skinner, John Wesley 1907-198820
PDF Slichter, Louis Byrne 1896-197810
PDF Sloss, Laurence L. 1913-199630
PDF Smiley, Terah L. 1914-199628
PDF Smith Jr, J. Fred 1911-198214
PDF Smith, Donald L. 1940-198315
PDF Smith, Edward S.C. 1894-197105
PDF Smith, H. T. U. 1908-197305
PDF Smith, James Robert 1925-197204
PDF Smith, James William 1934-198825
PDF Smith, Laurence Lowe 1896-198518
PDF Smith, Ned Myron 1923-197608
PDF Smith, Paul Albert 1901-197810
PDF Smith, Richard W. 1898-198220
PDF Smith, Ward C. 1906-199830
PDF Sneath, Peter Henry 1923-201140
PDF Snelgrove, Alfred Kitchener 1902-198214
PDF Snider, James Wilson 1922-198013
PDF Sohn, I. Gregory 1911-200032
PDF Sowers, George F. 1921-199630
PDF Speed, Robert C. 1933-200333
PDF Spieker, Edmund Maute 1895-197810
PDF Stark, John Thomas Knight 1887-198417
PDF Stauffer, Hans Karl 1891-198922
PDF Stearns, Charles Edward 1920–201040
PDF Stearns, Harold Thornton 1900-198618
PDF Steiner, Johann 1926-198214
PDF Steven, Thomas A. 1917–201343
PDF Stevenson, John Sinclair 1908-198724
PDF Stewart, Duncan 1905-196901
PDF Stewart, Glenn W. 1914-199628
PDF Stewart, Grace Anne 1893-197002
PDF Still, Arthur R. 1927-199225
PDF Stokes, William Lee 1915-199427
PDF Stormer, Leif 1905-197911
PDF Stose, Anna I. Jonas 1881-197406
PDF Stout, Martin Lindy 1934-199426
PDF Stoyanow, Alexander 1879-197406
PDF Strachan, Clyde Graham 1892-197810
PDF Strahler, Arthur Newell 1918-200233
PDF Strain, William Samuel 1909-198618
PDF Straley III, Harrison W. 1906-197918
PDF Strimple, Harrell L. 1912-198317
PDF Stuart, William Harold 1910-198719
PDF Stuckey Jr, Charles Wainwright 1908-199123
PDF Stuckey, Jasper Leonidas 1891-197911
PDF Stumm, Erwin C. 1908-196901
PDF Sturges, Frank Caleb 1909-197507
PDF Suffel, G. Gordon 1904-198214
PDF Sutterlin, Peter George 1929–201444
PDF Sutton, Arle H. 1896-197204
PDF Sutton, Robert Leeds 1929-198218
PDF Swann, David H. 1915-196803
PDF Swanson, Vernon E. 1922-199224
PDF Swartz, Frank McKim 1899-198214
PDF Swartz, Joel Howard 1893-197104
PDF Swartzlow, Carl Robert 1901-198719
PDF Swineford, Ada 1917-199226
PDF Swingle, George David 1922-197305
PDF Sylvester-Bradley, Peter Colley 1913-197810
PDF Szmuc, Eugene J. 1927-197608
PDF Tailleur, I. L. (Irv) 1924-200434
PDF Tanton, Thomas Leslie 1890-197103
PDF Tasch, Paul 1910-200132
PDF Taylor, Garvin Lawrence 1908-197406
PDF Taylor, Ralph Emerson 1905-198723
PDF Teague, Kefton Harding 1920-198921
PDF Teichert, Curt 1905-199628
PDF Teichmόller, Marlies 1914-200032
PDF Terzaghi, Ruth Doggett 1903-199224
PDF Thalmann, Hans Ernst 1899-197507
PDF Thayer, Thomas Prence 1907-200534
PDF Theis, Charles Vernon 1900-198725
PDF Thibault, Newman W. 1910-198618
PDF Thiel, George Alfred 1892-197913
PDF Thode, Henry G. 1910-199731
PDF Thom Jr, William Taylor 1891-197911
PDF Thomas, George Dewey 1898-197507
PDF Thomas, Norman Louis 1897-197003
PDF Thompson, Marcus Luther 1906-198518
PDF Thompson, Raymond M. 1918-198719
PDF Thorarinsson, Sigurdur 1912-198315
PDF Thornburn, Thomas Hampton 1916-198618
PDF Thornbury, William D. 1900-198619
PDF Tilley, Cecil Edgar 1894-197305
PDF Tillman, Chauncey Glenn 1924-198215
PDF Todd, James Edward 1846–192243
PDF Todd, Ruth 1913-198416
PDF Todd, Thomas W. 1927-196901
PDF Tolman, Carl 1897-199526
PDF Tonking, William Harry 1927–201443
PDF Tourtelot, Harry A. 1918-199631
PDF Trainer, Frank Wilson 1921-200636
PDF Troxell, Edward Leffingwell 1884-197204
PDF Trumpy, Daniel 1893-197103
PDF Tschudy, Robert H. 1908-198618
PDF Tsuboi, Seitaro 1893-198624
PDF Tunnell, George 1900-199633
PDF Turneaure, Frederick Stewart 1899-198620
PDF Turner, Francis John 1904-198518
PDF Tuttle, Orville Frank 1916-198318
PDF Tweto, Ogden L. 1912-198315
PDF Tychsen, Paul Charles 1916-199123
PDF Upp, Jerry Eli 1904-198824
PDF Utterback, Donald Desmond 1904-199426
PDF Valentine, Wilbur Goodrich 1903-198618
PDF Valerius, Claude Nathan 1904-198214
PDF Van Couvering, Martin 1888-197608
PDF Van Houten, Franklyn Bosworth 1914–201041
PDF Van Tuyl, Francis M. 1887-197507
PDF Van Valkenburg Jr., Alvin 1913-199125
PDF Vanderwilt, John W. 1898-199225
PDF Varnes, David J. 1919-200232
PDF Vernon, Robert Orion 1912-197406
PDF Vestal, Franklin Earl 1884-196901
PDF Vitaliano, Charles J. 1910-200032
PDF Voloshin, Vadim 1934-197002
PDF Voskuil, Walter Henry 1892-198419
PDF Waage, Karl M. 1915-199931
PDF Wade, Franklin Alton 1903-197810
PDF Wahrhaftig, Clyde 1919-199427
PDF Waldschmidt, William A. 1897-199022
PDF Walters, Robert F. 1914-199829
PDF Walton, Paul T. 1914-199830
PDF Wandke, Alfred Dinsmore 1921-198113
PDF Wanless, Harold Rollin 1898-197002
PDF Wantland, Dart 1898-197305
PDF Waring, Gerald Ashley 1883-197103
PDF Warner, Lawrence A. 1914-199125
PDF Warren, Percival Sidney 1890-197002
PDF Wasem, Adam Richard 1916-199527
PDF Washburne, Chester Wesley 1883-197103
PDF Wasson, Theron 1887-197002
PDF Waters, Aaron C. 1905-199122
PDF Watkins, Norman David 1934-197709
PDF Watson, David M. S. 1886-197305
PDF Watson, Kenneth DePencier 1915-198618
PDF Weaver, John Dodsworth 1914-197912
PDF Webb, Gregory Worthington 1926-198315
PDF Webb, Robert Wallace 1909-198416
PDF Wedow Jr, Helmuth 1917-198416
PDF Weeks Sr., Warren Brinson 1907-199123
PDF Weeks, Alice Mary Dowse 1909-198820
PDF Weissenborn, Albert E. 1903-198518
PDF Weller, James Marvin 1899-197608
PDF Welles, Samuel P. 1909-199730
PDF Wells, Francis Gerrit 1898-196901
PDF Wells, John West 1907-199425
PDF Wengerd, Sherman Alexander 1915-199526
PDF Wentworth, Chester Keeler 1891-196901
PDF Werner, Harry J. 1921-198623
PDF Wheeler II, Everett Pepperrell 1900-197407
PDF Wheeler, Orby Clinton 1898-197002
PDF Wheeler, Walter Hall 1923-198921
PDF Whitcomb, Lawrence 1900-198416
PDF White, Amos McNairy 1921-198821
PDF White, George Willard 1903-198517
PDF White, Max Gregg 1916-197507
PDF White, Sidney E. 1916–200841
PDF White, W. Arthur 1916-199830
PDF White, William Harrison 1913-197204
PDF Whitehead, Walter Lucius 1891-196901
PDF Whitla, Raymond Eugene 1909-197709
PDF Whorton, Chester D. 1903-199122
PDF Wickenden, Robert Thomas D. 1901-198924
PDF Wilhelm, Oscar 1897-197507
PDF Wilkinson, William Donald 1901-196901
PDF Willard, Bradford 1894-197305
PDF Williams, Howel 1898-197915
PDF Williams, James Stewart 1901-198416
PDF Williams, Merton Y. 1883-197406
PDF Williams, Thomas Ellis 1929-198824
PDF Willman, Harold Bowen 1901-198421
PDF Wilpolt, Ralph H. 1912-198427
PDF Wilson Jr., Charles William 1905-198517
PDF Wilson, Eugene J. 1921-197608
PDF Wilson, George Miller 1915-198315
PDF Wilson, James Tinley 1914-197810
PDF Wilson, Robert R. 1902-198216
PDF Wilson, Roy Arthur 1891-197003
PDF Wilson, Thomas Carroll 1906-196901
PDF Winchell, Horace 1915-199325
PDF Wing, Monta Eldo 1897-197608
PDF Wing, Robert Busch 1907-199225
PDF Winkler, Helmut G. F. 1915-198013
PDF Wisser, Edward Hollister 1895-197002
PDF Wissler, Stanley G. 1900-199022
PDF Woldstedt, Paul 1888-197305
PDF Wolfe, Caleb Wroe 1908-198012
PDF Wolfe, Jack Albert 1936-200535
PDF Wones, David R. 1932-198417
PDF Wood II, Horace Elmer 1901-197507
PDF Wood Jr., Gordon H. 1919-198618
PDF Woodford, Alfred O. 1890-199024
PDF Woodhouse, Charles Douglas 1888-197507
PDF Woodring, Wendell Phillips 1891-198315
PDF Woodruff, John Grant 1898-197103
PDF Woollard, George Prior 1908-197915
PDF Worcester, Philip George 1884-197002
PDF Wright, Harold Douglas 1921-196901
PDF Yabe, Hisakatsu 1878-196901
PDF Yarborough, Hunter 1918-198923
PDF Yoho, William Herbert 1911-199425
PDF Young Jr., John A. 1909-199123
PDF Young, Frederick P. 1904-200333
PDF Young, Keith Preston 1918-200434
PDF Zaruba, Quido 1898-199329
PDF Zeller, Edward Jacob 1925-199639
PDF Zen, E-an 1928–201443
PDF Zies, Emanuel George 1884-198114
PDF Zullo, Victor A. 1936-199327
PDF Zuloaga, Guillermo 1904-198425
PDF Zumberge, James Herbert 1923-199225