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 GSA Today, v. 6, no. 4, April 1996


In this Month's issue:

Dipping Reflectors Beneath Old Orogens: A Perspective from the British Caledonides
by John H. McBride, David B. Snyder, Richard W. England, Richard W. Hobbs

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also ...

  • The Life of Geologists in the Former Soviet Union
  • Politics and Economics: Geological Research Bridging the Gulf - The Near-Term Future — Part 2
  • 1996 Annual Meeting - Call for Papers, Field Trips, Educational Programs
  • SAGE Remarks - Geology Evolves to Thrive at UVA
  • Penrose Conference Report — Fine-grained Fault Rocks
  • Environment Matters — Geology as a Social Science: Addressing the Complexity of Human Habits and Values in Water-Quality Conflicts

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