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GSA Today Article types

Science articles are timely, high-quality, focused articles on current topics and discoveries in the earth sciences that appeal to a broad geoscience audience. The circulation for this article reaches more than 24,000 readers, with high international visibility and regular media coverage. Color figures for the first five print pages of the article can be included at no at no cost to the author, and there are no page charges. Each article is receives a rigorous peer review, with a short average turnaround from receipt to acceptance. Articles are limited six print pages (appearing on pages 4–9 in GSA Today); see Sizing Manuscripts for details. Submit your science articles via the online manuscript tracking system; see Submissions for further information.

Groundwork articles are short, hot-topic or issue-driven articles that lay the groundwork for furthering the influence of earth science on education, policy, planning, and funding. These must be no longer than two print pages (~1700 words [incl. author names and affiliations, references, and figure captions]) with no figures, or 1500 words with one small figure, etc.). The philosophy behind this is twofold: (1) keeping an article short can increase the clarity and quality of the writing; and (2) a short article encourages readers to engage and seek more information. Submit Groundwork articles via the online manuscript tracking system; see Submissions for further information.

Comments & Replies concerning GSA Today science and Groundwork articles are limited to 900 words and should be submitted to the GSA Today science editors via the online manuscript tracking system no more than three weeks after publication of the related article. The 900-word limit includes author names, affiliations, and references. If you would like to use a figure into your comment, please reduce the text by at least 200 words to allow space for the figure and caption. Comments and Replies are no longer printed in GSA Today, but will be posted online.

Need help uploading your article? If at any time you are having trouble using GSA Today's online manuscript submission system (which is separate and distinct from the online system for other GSA journals), please contact GSA Today's managing editor, Kea Giles, at . We can help at any point in the process, from changing your password to uploading your manuscript.

Please note: Articles submitted to GSA Today must be original and not published elsewhere, even in slightly modified format. GSA Today also prohibits simultaneous submissions.

Direct queries about manuscript sizing and formatting to the managing editor:
Kea Giles M.A.
Tel: +1-303-357-1057
fax: +1-303-357-1073
The Geological Society of America
P.O. Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301-9140, USA