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Geosphere is GSA's ambitious entry into electronic publication. The primary goal of this effort is to address the clear and growing need for timely publication of research results, data, software, and educational developments in ways that cannot be addressed by traditional formats. A secondary goal is building an interface with other efforts within the scientific community that seek improvement of access to and preservation of data along with easy access to resources such as GIS databases and modeling results. Compared to traditional formats, which it does NOT seek to replace, Geosphere will be innovative and evolutionary.

In order to maintain a broad scope and to encourage contributions in a variety of forms, several types of submissions are sought. All contributions will be peer-reviewed, and the initial list of categories of publications is:

How is Geosphere like other broad-based, international journals?

How is it different?

In order to maintain rapid turnaround on papers that are submitted for consideration, authors are urged to edit their papers carefully according GSA style and format guidelines. You may elect to have a peer, freelance editor, or English editing service look over your paper prior to submission; a list of resources is available here. Authors are encouraged to suggest qualified reviewers by submitting their names and contact information.