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Associate Editors
  • Valerio Acocella
    Università Roma Tre
    Structural geology; tectonics; volcanology
  • Colin Amos
    Western Washington University
    Tectonic geomorphology; structural geology; active tectonics
  • Clare E. Bond
    University of Aberdeen
    Structural geology; tectonics; field mapping; interpretational uncertainty
  • Aaron J. Cavosie
    University of Puerto Rico
    Hadean Earth; zircon geochemistry and provenance; impact cratering; shock metamorphism
  • Cinzia Cervato
    Iowa State University
    Science education; geoarchaeology; biostratigraphy;
    stable isotope geochemistry
  • Michael J. Cheadle
    University of Wyoming
    Geodynamics;geophysics; petrology
  • Fred Day-Lewis
    U.S. Geological Survey
    Hydrogeophysics; hydrogeology; geostatistics; inverse problems
  • Rhawn Denniston
    Cornell College
    Paleoclimatology; isotope geochemistry
  • Rita Economos
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Igneous petrology; isotope geochemistry; arc magmatism
  • Susan Eriksson
    Eriksson Associates, Boulder, Colorado
  • G. Lang Farmer
    University of Colorado
    Radiogenic isotope geochemistry; igneous geochemistry; sedimentary geochemistry; geodynamics
  • Katherine A. Giles
    New Mexico State University
    Petrology; stratigraphy; geochemistry
  • Andrew M. Goodliffe
    University of Alabama
    Marine geophysics; extensional tectonics; marine seismic reflection
  • David Hirsch
    Western Washington University
    Metamorphic petrology; geoscience education; mineralogy
  • Jose M. Hurtado
    University of Texas at El Paso
    Neotectonics; remote sensing; geomorphology
  • Giampiero Iaffaldano
    The Australian National University
    Geophysics; computational geodynamics; mantle-lithosphere coupling
  • Pamela E. Jansma
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Geodynamics; tectonics; geodesy
  • Craig H. Jones
    University of Colorado
    Seismology; tectonophysics; paleomagnetism; geophysics;
    structural geology
  • Richard R. Jones
    Geospatial Research Ltd., University of Durham
  • Todd LaMaskin
    University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Jeff Lee
    Central Washington University
    Tectonics; structural geology; field geology
  • Jan Marie Lindsay
    The University of Auckland
    Geosciences education; igneous petrology; volcanology; geochronology
  • Gianreto Manatschal
    Institute Physique du Globe/
    Ecole et Observatoir des Sciences de la Terre/ University of Strasbourg - CNRS
    Field geology; tectonics; rifted margins; Alpine-type orogens
  • Brian D. Marshall
    U.S. Geological Survey
    Organic and isotope geochemistry; energy resources; geochemical modeling; groundwater chemistry
  • Francesco Mazzarini
    Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
    Active tectonics; structural geology; tectonics
  • Brandon McElroy
    University of Wyoming
    Sedimentology; surface processes
  • Roberto Stanley Molina Garza
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
    Paleomagnetism; tectonics; stratigraphy, geology of Mexico, the Caribbean, and SW North America
  • Terry L. Pavlis
    University of Texas at El Paso
    Structural geology; tectonics; metamorphic geology; GIS applications in field geology
  • Eric J. Pyle
    James Madison University
    Geosciences education; earth science teacher education; petrology
  • Anthony E. Rathburn
    Indiana State University
    Paleoecology; paleoceanography; biogeochemistry; micropaleontology
  • Julie Roberge
    ESIA-Ticoman, Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN)
    Melt inclusions; volatiles and metals in magmatic systems; large igneous provinces; eruption processes
  • Dibyendu Sarkar
    Montclair State University
    Environmental geochemistry; environmental quality; soils;
    risk assessment and remediation
  • Steven C. Semken
    Arizona State University
    Geoscience education; ethnogeology
  • Michael H. Taylor
    University of Kansas
    Neotectonics; active tectonics; geomorphology; structural geology; remote sensing
  • Barbara J. Tewksbury
    Hamilton College
    Structural geology; geoscience eduction; field mapping
  • Alan Whittington
    University of Missouri
    Igneous petrology; volcanology; tectonics; heat transfer
  • Michael L. Williams
    University of Massachusetts
    Structural geology; metamorphic petrology; Precambrian geology
  • Lesli Wood
    University of Texas at Austin
    Clastic sedimentology; sequence stratigraphy; seismic geomorphology
  • Huaiyu Yuan
    Macquarie University
    Passive source seismology; seismic tomography; shear wave splitting; receiver functions; craton tectonics