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Supplemental Material

GSA encourages authors to follow established community standards for archiving specific types of data and to place important geoscience samples in long-term and well-documented repositories or collections, such as at museums, geological surveys, or universities. Please see the GSA Data Policy for Publications.

Authors can submit information that supplements and expands on their published article as Supplementary Material. (Newly acquired data presented only in graphs in the manuscript must be placed there.) This supplemental information should support the main scientific conclusions of the paper; it should not be a necessary part of the understanding of the ideas and conclusions of the published paper. It is generally restricted to data tables and related graphs or figures, and/or explanations of methods (where this is not central to the paper).  Supplemental information is not to be used to provide additional space (for text or figures) to convey the message of the article.

Criteria for Supplemental Information files submitted to GSA:

Proper Formatting for Supplementary Files

Whenever possible, submit your files in PDF format. You are encouraged to create your own merged PDF that contains all of your supplemental files (excluding multimedia files). Only one PDF file per article will be posted. The following file types are acceptable, but will be converted to PDF before online posting.

Multimedia files will be included as a separate file in our data repository. We will create a separate link for each multimedia file. Multimedia files in .mpg, .avi, .gif, .fla, .mov, or .mp3 are the only supported file types.

Supplemental Information for a GSA article must not exceed 50 MB total size (for all files combined).

Citing GSA Supplemental Information

Supplemental information will be referenced in the text of the manuscript with the file name and a link to the online file. A footnote will appear in the printed version of the journal — for example:
"Supplemental information (Tables DR1-DR2 and Figure DR1) is available online at"