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GSA encourages authors to follow established community standards for archiving specific types of data and to place important geoscience samples in long-term and well-documented repositories or collections, such as at museums, geological surveys, or universities. Please see the GSA Data Policy for Publications.

Authors can place information that supplements and expands on their published article in the GSA Data Repository. Data in the Repository are not needed by every reader but are essential to a few who are involved in studies similar to the topic of the paper. This material is available on request from GSA and is also posted on the GSA Web site (use the Data Repository link at top of page).

 Cover Art

Volume editors should provide two or three color images relevant to the material in the volume (with captions and credits), and we will choose one for the cover. High-resolution digital images are best, followed by slides or photographs. Once a preliminary cover has been designed, we will send the layout for your review. For additional information on color and digital photograph submissions, please see the Figure Guidelines.