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Book Proposal and Manuscript Submission
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GSA Books

Book Proposal and Manuscript Submission

All of our publications are peer reviewed, with decisions made by GSA Science Editors.

Please be sure to read GSA's Ethical Guidelines for Publication.

GSA Books Description.

Submit your proposal to .

Preparing your proposal

Key Items for Proposal

1. One page description: Introduce subject, provide background and significance, state why GSA should publish the book, note whether book is for specialists or general audience.

2. Schedule: Proposed time frame for original submission, review, revision, and final submission.

3. Preliminary Table of Contents: preliminary list of chapter titles, authors (if edited volume), and author contact information.

Submit Proposal

Email your proposal to . Your proposal will be accepted or declined by the Science Editor.

Preparing your manuscript

Key Items for Manuscript Submission

1. Manuscript file: line numbered Word document. Manuscript Guidelines Manuscript Template GSA Reference Style

2. Separate figure files: clearly labeled TIFF, GIF, JPG, PDF (reduced-sized PDFs preferable). Figure Guidelines

3. Tables: Excel or Word. Table Guidelines

4. Supplemental materials (optional). Supplemental data requirements

Process for a Single-Authored Book

If your book project is authored, click here.

Process for an Edited Collection

If your book project is an edited collection, click here.

Receiving Your Decision

Acceptance or rejection of a manuscript is based on the appraisal of the paper by two or more reviewers and an editor designated by GSA (Note: Nearly all manuscripts are returned to the author with suggestions for revision, condensation, or final polish.) The final decision will be emailed to you by the Science Editor.

Books Guidelines