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PGD-Affiliated GSA Fellows Elected in 2014

Alan D. Howard

Alan D. Howard, University of Virginia
GSA Affiliations: Southeastern Section; Planetary Geology Division
2013 Gilbert Award winner

Alan Howard has been a pioneer in quantitative earth and planetary surface processes for the past 50 years. He has written seminal papers on karst, channel network development, dune transport, river meandering, floodplain formation, alluvial fan evolution, river incision into bedrock, soil transport, groundwater seepage erosion, and even the growth of ice pinnacles on Jupiter's moon Callisto. In one of the most cited papers in the geomorphology, Alan presented a model that coupled for the first time advective, diffusive and threshold controlled processes to predict controls on the evolution of three-dimensional landscapes under various boundary conditions. Alanís publications have stimulated and guided generations of geomorphologists. Starting in the 1970's, he brought these insights and quantitative skills to the challenging problem of deciphering the planetary surfaces of our solar system, especially Mars, as these landscapes became progressively more revealed through better spacecraft imaging. The recurrent theme in his work has been to explore what the geomorphology can tell us about the climate history and landscape evolution of Mars and other planetary bodies.

Linda C. Kah

Linda C. Kah, University of Tennessee
GSA Affiliations: Southeastern Section; Geobiology & Geomicrobiology, Planetary Geology, and Sedimentary Geology Divisions
Nominator: Larry McKay

This nomination is based on Dr. Kah's outstanding publications on the topics of: i) sedimentology of ocean sediments formed during the Mesoproterozoic and Ordovician periods of Earth history; and ii) geochemical and depositional environments of sedimentary rocks on Mars, as a member of Mars Science Laboratory Mission.

David A. Williams

David A. Williams, Arizona State University
GSA Affiliations: Cordilleran Section; Planetary Geology Division
Nominator: Tracy Gregg

Dr. David Williams has tireless and selflessly served the Planetary Geology Division of GSA both before and after serving as an elected officer for the division. He enthusiastically promotes planetary science through public outreach and education, reminding the voters of the importance of supporting space science.