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PGD-Affiliated GSA Fellows Elected in 2012

Lisa Gaddis

Lisa Gaddis, USGS Flagstaff
GSA Affiliations: Rocky Mountain Section; Planetary Geology Division
Nominator: Louise Prockter

Lisa is one of the foremost researchers in lunar pyroclastic volcanism. She has also made significant contributions to planetary research on Mars, Venus and the Earth. She is adept at utilizing complementary datasets to resolve key questions, has served her community in numerous leadership roles, and has made important contributions to public education.

Tracy Gregg

Tracy Gregg, University of Buffalo
GSA Affiliations: Northeastern Section; Planetary Geology Division
Nominator: Jim Zimbelman

Tracy is nominated for significant contributions to the study of volcanism throughout the solar system, mentoring numerous successful geosciences students, and support of the Planetary Geology Division of GSA. Tracy served as a PGD officer from 1999-2003 and was division chair until October 2003.


Steve Squyres

Steve Squyres, Cornell University
GSA Affiliations: Northeastern Section; Planetary Geology Division
2011 Gilbert Award recipient

Steve's research area is in planetary sciences, with a focus on large solid bodies in the solar system such as the terrestrial planets and the moons of the Jovian planets. He has participated in many of NASA's planetary exploration missions. From 1978 to 1981 he was an associate of the Voyager mission to Jupiter and Saturn, participating in analysis of imaging data. He subsequently worked as a radar investigator on the Magellan mission to Venus, and with the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission. Along with his work as Principal Investigator on the MER (Mars Exploration Rovers), he is also a co-investigator on the 2003 Mars Express and 2005 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter missions, a member of the Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Flight Investigation Team for the Mars Odyssey mission, and a member of the imaging team for the Cassini to Saturn.