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1 Feb. 2013
GSA Release No. 13-06
Christa Stratton
Director of Education, Communication, & Outreach
Global Geoscience Initiative map

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Towards a Global Geoscience Initiative

Alexandria, Virginia, USA - The Global Geoscience Initiative (GGI) is a major international endeavor designed to optimize the outcomes of geoscience research on the safety, health, and welfare of humankind. Primarily supported by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), The Geological Society of America (GSA), the British Geological Survey (BGS), and the Geological Society of London (GSL), the GGI seeks to focus the efforts of the geoscience community on a few major research thrusts to produce significant positive societal impacts.

The GGI has hosted five town hall meetings since 2009 to discuss the feasibility and desirability of pursing such a global initiative. Comprised of internationally recognized leaders in geoscience, active researchers, and students, these groups gauged reactions to potential research topics and the role social sciences should play in the initiative. Most recently, the GGI met in Brisbane, Australia, in conjunction with the 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) to discuss the initiative. During the meeting, participants put forth numerous recommendations for action going forward and submitted potential research topics, including natural hazards, developing energy and mineral resources, and ecological concerns.

A full report on the town hall meetings, including power point presentations and conclusions can now be accessed online at “GSA is pleased to be a part of this important endeavor,” said Executive Director John W. (Jack) Hess. “By leveraging the strengths of this international partnership, we expect to see some very positive results.”

The report will be presented to the Executive Committee of the International Union of Geological Sciences at their meeting in Paris in February. Implementation of the initiative will be discussed, and actions on next steps will also be identified.

The Geological Society of America (GSA), founded in 1888, is a not-for-profit scientific society with more than 25,000 members from academia, government, and industry in 103 countries around the world. Through its meetings, publications, and programs, GSA enhances the professional growth of its members and promotes the geosciences in the service of humankind. GSA encourages cooperative research among earth, life, planetary, and social scientists; fosters public dialogue on geosciences issues; and supports all levels of earth-science education.