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10 Jan 2013
GSA Release No. 13-02
Kea Giles
Managing Editor,
GSA Communications
Special Paper 493

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GSA Special Paper

Paleoseismology and Neotectonics East of the U.S. Rockies

Boulder, CO, USA – This new addition to GSA’s Special Paper series makes important contributions to the recognition of earthquake sources active during Quaternary time (from 1.75 million years ago to the present) and assesses the seismic hazards posed by these sources. Editors Randel Tom Cox, Martitia P. Tuttle, Oliver S. Boyd, and Jacques Locat note that the book should be useful to a wide range of readers working in geology, seismology, hazard assessment, and emergency management.

Topics include the New Madrid Seismic Zone; surface ruptures in western Oklahoma and southern Colorado; LiDAR studies of Louisiana coastal lowlands and the New England uplands to identify traces of other surface fault ruptures, the response of rivers and shorelines to tectonic events; shoreline geometries; target sites for excavating young faults in the Appalachian Mountains and the Gulf Coastal Plain; and hazard assessment and seismic hazard mapping.

Individual copies of the volume may be purchased through The Geological Society of America online store or by contacting GSA Sales and Service,

Book editors of earth science journals/publications may request a review copy by contacting April Leo, .

Recent Advances in North American Paleoseismology and Neotectonics East of the Rockies
Edited by Randel Tom Cox, Martitia P. Tuttle, Oliver S. Boyd, and Jacques Locat
Geological Society of America Special Paper 493
SPE493, 275 p. plus insert
$60.00; Member price $42.00
ISBN 978-0-8137-2493-5