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27 August 2012
GSA Release No. 12-64
Christa Stratton
Director of Education, Communication, & Outreach
Mega EarthCache logo
Dorset series-Berrow wayfarer
EarthCache event
EarthCache enthusiasts find and learn about amazing places all over the world. Photos provided by Gary Lewis, GSA's Director of Education & Outreach.

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750 EarthCache Enthusiasts Gather in Maine:
1st International "Mega Event" Celebrates Earth Science Discovery

Boulder, CO, USA – The first international gathering of EarthCache enthusiasts will take place in New Gloucester (near Portland), Maine, USA, on Sunday, 2 September 2012. The global EarthCache program, run by The Geological Society of America, is an educational subset of geocaching with the important difference that instead of finding a container of trinkets, the treasure at an EarthCache site is a lesson about Earth itself.

Participants complete a task to prove they have been observing and learning from each visit and log their experiences. Multiple visits can earn participants rewards, such as the EarthCache Discovery Awards.

The September gathering will be a unique opportunity for participants to learn about new EarthCache sites, meet EarthCache reviewers, and share their stories with like-minded explorers.

A variety of activities will include learning seminars, opportunities to trade geocoins and tags and to meet vendors of geocaching merchandise, and to meet and mingle with geocachers who are interested in EarthCaches from around the globe.

A special reception is planned to recognize high-level EarthCache Masters as well as a forum for participants to show off their best EarthCache submissions.

The family-friendly event is being held at Pineland Farms, an educational and recreational venue that welcomes visitors to enjoy beautiful rural landscapes and walking trails through farm and forest lands. The day will include activities for geokids, including scavenger hunts.

"The EarthCache community is growing," says program Director Gary Lewis, "and providing a venue for camaraderie and celebrating the wonders of Earth is very important to us."

"We want to encourage people to keep learning and to share their enthusiasm — it's contagious!" said Lewis.

Event updates will be posted at

The first EarthCache site was developed by Lewis in 2004 on a headland in New South Wales, Australia. It leads to evidence in the rocks of an ancient ice age and amazing fossils to discover. Since then over 23,000 sites have been placed by geocachers around the globe and a staggering 3,300,000 people have visited those sites to date. EarthCache discoveries lie on every continent, and accommodate every age and outdoor skill level. Sites are added on a daily basis.

For more information about the EarthCache event or general program information, contact Gary Lewis at the address or phone number above.