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10 August 2012
GSA Release No. 12-61
Kea Giles
Managing Editor,
GSA Communications
Special Paper 485

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New GSA Special Paper

New Russian to English Translation Reveals the Strata of the Earth

Boulder, CO, USA – Finally, an English translation of Mikhail Lomonsov's most important work! This new volume from The Geological Society of America offers the first English translation of On the Strata of the Earth. Published in 1763, this work predates James Hutton's celebrated Theory of the Earth by a quarter century, with provocative similarities and insightful differences. Translators Stephen M. Rowland and Slava Korolev offer extensive notes explaining obscure terms and providing background for this 1763 work.

Russian scholars have long considered Mikhail Lomonosov to be a true giant among eighteenth-century scientists and scholars, and Russian historians of science consider On the Strata of the Earth to be his most important contribution to geology. Regrettably, relatively few people beyond the borders of Russia have been able to read what Lomonosov wrote, so his views on rock-forming processes and Earth history have languished in obscurity. In this first English translation of Lomonosov's On the Strata of the Earth, the translators have transformed Lomonosov's descriptions and interpretations of the materials, morphology, processes, and history of the Earth into accessible English, while preserving his voice and the flavor of his style.

This Special Paper is on sale now in The Geological Society of America's online store. Copies may also be purchased through the GSA Sales and Service Department,

Book editors of earth science journals/publications may request a review copy by contacting April Leo, .

On the Strata of the Earth — A Translation of О Слояхъ Земныхъ
By Mikhail Vasil'evich Lomonosov; translated by Stephen M. Rowland and Slava Korolev
Forward by Irena G. Malakhova
Geological Society of America Special Paper 485
SPE485, 41 p., $40.00; Member price $32.00
ISBN 978-0-8137-2485-0