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18 November 2010
GSA Release No. 10-67
Christa Stratton
Director of Education, Communication, & Outreach
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Appalachia in the Limelight

Boulder, CO, USA – The Appalachians have served as a springboard for innovative geologic thought for more than 170 years. A new volume from The Geological Society of America contains 36 original papers reporting the results of research performed throughout nearly the entire length and breadth of the Appalachian region, including all major provinces and geographical areas.

Memoir 206, From Rodinia to Pangea: The Lithotectonic Record of the Appalachian Region, grew out of GSA’s 2007 Northeastern Section meeting in Durham, New Hampshire, and commemorates the (near) fortieth anniversary of the publication of the classic Studies of Appalachian Geology volumes that appeared just prior to the application of plate tectonic concepts to the region.

Contributions in structural evolution, sedimentation, stratigraphy, magmatic processes, metamorphism, tectonics, and terrane accretion illustrate the wide range of ongoing research in the area and collectively serve to mark the considerable progress in scientific thought that has occurred during the past four decades.

Research highlights 3D perspectives, sequence stratigraphic techniques, and improved geochemical databases for the exploration of regional-scale modeling.

Individual copies of the volume may be purchased through the Geological Society of America online store,,or by contacting GSA Sales and Service,

Book editors of earth science journals/publications may request a review copy by contacting Jeanette Hammann,

From Rodinia to Pangea: The Lithotectonic Record of the Appalachian Region
Richard P. Tollo, Mervin J. Bartholomew, James P. Hibbard, and Paul M. Karabinos (editors)
Geological Society of America Memoir 206
MWR206, 956 p., $160.00; Member price $112.00
ISBN 978-0-8137-1206-2