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11 August 2010
GSA Release No. 10-44
Director, GSA Education & Outreach
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EarthTrek Gravestone Project comes to Maine

Do you want to participant in a real scientific research project? Atmospheric scientists need your help!

Casco, ME, USA – A team of scientists — from as close as Casco and as far away as Sydney, Australia — are calling on the public to help gather data that will help us all better understand our changing environment.

EarthTrek's Gravestone Project invites you to come learn how you can assist these scientists to collect data on how the atmosphere is changing by measuring the weathering rates of marble gravestones. As the chemistry of the atmosphere changes, some atmospheric chemicals combine with water to form acid rain. Acid rain erodes white marble headstones, which can be found in almost all the graveyards in our region. By comparing gravestone measurements from Casco and around the world, scientists can study how our environment is evolving.

Come and be trained on how to find and carefully measure marble headstones. You will upload your data to the EarthTrek Web site and you will be able to see your data on a world map and share your ideas and experiences. It is a great way to participate in real scientific research and to learn about your local environment.

The training event is at the Cook-Pinkham Cemetery, Pinkham Lane, Casco, Maine (just off Route 11) on Saturday, 21 August, from 11 a.m. to noon. Bring your GPS and a pen — all other equipment will be provided. For more information, visit

EarthTrek and the Gravestone Project are part of the Geological Society of America's global citizen science program.