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24 April 2008
GSA Release No. 08-19

Contact: Christa Stratton

Las Vegas Reveals the Riches of Geologic History

Boulder, CO, USA – The Geological Society of America has published a new field guide for the southwestern U.S. area surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas lies at or near several significant geological localities, including Lake Mead, the boundary between the Colorado Plateau and the Basin and Range, Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, the Colorado River, and Valley of Fire State Park. The book’s eleven trip guides provide road logs and analysis of the area’s rich geologic record.

The guide, prepared in conjunction with the 2008 joint meeting of the GSA Cordilleran and Rocky Mountain Sections, spans ancient to present geology, covers ground from the middle crust to the surface, and includes studies of tectonics, paleontology, volcanism, and glaciation.

Individual copies may be purchased through the Geological Society of America online store
or by contacting GSA Sales and Service,

Book editors of earth science journals/publications may request a review copy by contacting Jeanette Hammann,

Field Guide to Plutons, Volcanoes, Faults, Reefs, Dinosaurs, and Possible Glaciation in Selected Areas of Arizona, California, and Nevada
Ernest M. Duebendorfer and Eugene I. Smith
Geological Society of America Field Guide 11
2008, 262 pages, US$50, GSA member price US$35
ISBN 978-0-8137-0011-3

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