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23 October 2006
GSA Release No. 06-53

Contact: Ann Cairns
Director–Communications and Marketing
, (303) 357-1056

America’s Energy and Resource Future

Two sessions at this week’s 118th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America address critical issues related to energy and other resource industries. The meeting takes place 22-25 October at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Journalists are invited to view presentation abstracts and arrange for telephone interviews by contacting Ann Cairns, GSA Director of Communications (contact information below).

U.S. Energy Resources: Options, Scenarios, and Policy
Tuesday, 24 October, 1:30-5:30 p.m.
Pennsylvania Convention Center Room 113A
Unconventional sources of energy likely will play a larger role in satisfying America’s need for energy in the future. Natural gas hydrates, for example, exist beneath the sea floor and Arctic permafrost areas and contain an estimated volume of carbon that is twice that of all other fossil fuels on earth combined. But extracting gas from gas hydrates is challenging because hydrates are unstable at surface temperatures and pressures. Gas hydrates, geothermal, nuclear, oil and gas, energy mix, and climate will be discussed among energy and energy-policy experts in this USGS-hosted session Speakers’ affiliations include the White House Office of Science and Technology, U.S. Climate Change Science program office, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, BP America Production Company, and U.S. Geological Survey.
[ view presentation abstracts ]
Addressing Present and Future Energy, Mineral, and Water Issues in the Classroom: The Need to Prepare Both Educated Citizens and Geoscientists
Tuesday, 24 October, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Pennsylvania Convention Center Room 113B
The U.S. faces a number of significant resource challenges in the 21st century. China’s resource policy has implications for national security and a human resource crisis looms in the minerals industry. Managing beyond the peak of global oil production requires overcoming technical, geopolitical, infrastructure, economic, capital, and workforce hurdles. The relationship of energy policy and global warming is perhaps the greatest challenge of the century.
[ view presentation abstracts ]

For additional information and assistance arranging interviews, contact Ann Cairns, Geological Society of America Director of Communications. During the GSA Annual Meeting, 22-25 October, she can be reached at the GSA Annual Meeting newsroom, Pennsylvania Convention Center, +1-215-418-3290. She can also be reached via the Geological Society of America offices at +1-303-357-1056 or .


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