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News Release 7 February 2005
GeoScience World Contact:
Don Hemenway
Phone: +1-703-671-4791; Fax: +1 303.357.1074

GeoScienceWorld Launches Portal of 30 Leading Geoscience Journals and GeoRef

Alexandria, Va. — GeoScienceWorld (GSW) today announced that its new portal containing 30 leading geoscience journals plus GeoRef will launch on Friday, Feb. 25 2005. Full-access to all content will be freely available to anyone visiting the site ( until March 30, 2005.

In addition to finding many of their favorite journals and GeoRef in a single place, geoscientists will discover other advantages to using GSW as a research tool:

  • references will be hyperlinked among the GSW journals and other HighWire Press journals, GeoRef, ISI's Web of Science, CrossRef, and Medline;
  • access to the world's most current edition of GeoRef, with updates scheduled weekly;
  • searches may be performed simultaneously among all GSW journals and all of GeoRef;
  • map coordinates may be used for geography-based searching in GeoRef;
  • maps and images may be looked-up on the Alexandria Digital Library;
  • users may download bibliographic references to various citation managers, including file formats for EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite, BibTex, and Medlars;
  • individuals who complete a free registration form on the site may sign-up for a variety of email alerts — notification of publication of a new issue, copies of tables of contents, notification of new content available as specified by author and/or keyword, reporting of corrections to previously published papers, and notice that a paper has been cited by another author.
  • and the literature may be graphically browsed using the "TopicMap" data-visualization tool.

"GeoScienceWorld will provide online access to nine journals never previously available on the Web," said Sharon Mosher, Past President, Geological Society of America. "GSW is a superior research tool that will exceed the demands of students, researchers and professionals who are accustomed to the benefits of electronic media."

Following the first month's free-trial period, anyone will be able to view the titles and abstracts of articles in the GSW journals. Paid subscribers will also have access to the full-text articles, in both HTML and PDF formats, and the ability to search and link using GeoRef. Most of the journals will be complete with full text back to 2000, comprising the GSW Millennium Collection. In addition, subscribers will also have access to older issues of some journals, the GSW Literature Archives, some going back as far as 1931.

The initial GSW collection incorporates the full-text of 30 journals from 22 leading societies and institutes from six countries, including the seven founding organizations: American Association of Petroleum Geologists, American Geological Institute, Geological Society of America, Geological Society of London, Mineralogical Society of America, SEPM-Society for Sedimentary Geology, and Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The full journal list is available at:

As the most comprehensive online resource for journals in the geosciences, the GSW portal is hosted by Stanford University's preeminent electronic journals service, HighWire Press. HighWire Press is currently home to nearly 800 journals in the sciences, medicine, social sciences and humanities ( Subscriptions to GSW may be obtained from GSW's independent marketing and sales agents. To date, they include CSA for world-wide sales (; please contact Ms. Diane Hoffman, and iGroup for sales in Asia (; please contact Mr. Koen Meijerink,

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Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., GeoScienceWorld was incorporated in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of making geoscience research and information easily available to the scientific community and the public in an online digital format that facilitates education and future research.

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