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News Release 14 March 2005
GSA Release No. 05-09
Contact: Contact: Ann Cairns
Phone: +1 303.357.1056; Fax: +1 303.357.1074

A New Look at the Emerging Earth System Processes Paradigm

Boulder, Colo. -- Geoscientists and their colleagues in the natural sciences will soon discuss and debate a variety of controversies relating to earth system science as the Geological Society of America (GSA) and Geological Association of Canada (GAC) co-convene Earth System Processes 2, 8-11 August 2005, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Support for the meeting is provided by NASA's Astrobiology Institute and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, with participation by the European Geosciences Union.

Earth system science has become the most widely used model for exploring complex interrelationships among solid Earth, the oceans, atmosphere, and Earth's myriad life forms. The model is used to study Earth's geological past, present, and future.

"ESP2" follows the groundbreaking Earth System Processes meeting held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2001. That meeting was co-convened by GSA and the Geological Society of London.

Scientific themes of Earth System Processes 2 are:

* Ancient Earth Systems:
Analyzing the nature and drivers of environmental and biotic evolution on geologic time scales, sometimes involving extraterrestrial influences and exchanges with Earth's deep interior.
* Modern Earth System Processes:
Linking components of the earth system across all scales of space and time.
* Earth System Futures:
Using understanding of earth system processes to predict the effects of human-induced and natural changes in systems over time.

The meeting will consist of plenary keynote addresses, theme and general sessions, and field trips. For a preliminary view of the technical program and participating scientists, please visit

Earth System Processes 2 will be held at the Westin Hotel in downtown Calgary. GSA and GAC will operate an onsite Newsroom and complimentary registration is available for qualified journalists. For information on eligibility requirements, please visit

Additional information will be made available when the technical program is finalized in May. Media-related questions may be directed to Ann Cairns, Director of Communications at the Geological Society of America (+1-303-357-1056 or


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