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News Release June 8, 2004
GSA Release No. 04-17
Contact: Contact: Jay Chapman
Phone: (303) 357-1095

An innovative new Web site bridging the earth and life sciences goes online today, providing a single resource for all things biogeoscience related. is a natural home for biogeoscience discussion, resources, and promotion.

The non-commercial Web site,, was developed by the Geological Society of America (GSA) and is supported by a grant from the Biogeosciences program of the National Science Foundation. The site draws from several partnered professional societies and elsewhere to present an outstanding collection of biogeoscience resources for all levels of education and interest. "I'm extremely delighted to be able to announce the unveiling of this tremendous resource for the science community," says Dr. Jack Hess, Executive Director of GSA.

Basic biogeoscience links and program resources are available for kids, students, undergraduates, and teachers, along with more detailed information on jobs, funding, and opportunities for professionals and principal investigators.

The new Web site has comprehensive lists of degree and research programs in biogeoscience, applicable journals and other publications, and a complete database of relevant conferences and meetings. Special sections, symposia, or field trips concerning biogeoscience are also featured.

One of the exciting, interactive features of is a discussion forum. The forum allows for the rapid dissemination of ideas and opinions. Forums address some of the most important issues facing biogeoscience today, including funding decisions, education possibilities, and the challenge of defining an evolving and fluid field. "It is fascinating to me," says Dr. Sherry Cady, one of the project team members involved in the creation of the Web site, "that the biogeoscience community now has a forum by which all can enter into the debate as to where do we go from here." Another interactive feature is an image gallery where pictures are exchanged freely for educational purposes.

For those less familiar with biogeoscience or wanting to learn more, the Web site includes information on the history of biogeoscience, with important documents that have helped shape the field. There is also a growing list of biogeoscientists to help interested parties understand what a biogeoscientist does and what types of research biogeoscientists are presently working on.

Some of the biogeoscientists listed are also part of a collection of interviews of prominent researchers discussing the state of the science and its future directions. The interviews provide in depth information on particularly interesting work and cultivate discussion. Also recorded in the interview section are conversations with various program managers discussing their programs and the particulars of the funding process. These provide insight into research funding decisions and important statistics about the programs.

The latest additions to and most current announcements are prominently displayed in the highlights section and on the home page, emphasizing the latest developments, research, and hot topics. A quick turnover rate helps visitors easily stay abreast of the most current biogeoscience information.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Web site and sign up to receive periodic electronic updates on hot topics and important announcements from All other inquires should be directed to Jay Chapman (, Web Site Coordinator,


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