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News Release August 30, 2001
GSA Release No. 01-38
Contact: Christa Stratton

The Geological Society of America 2001 Annual Meeting: "Boston 2001: A Geo-Odyssey"

I. Introduction IV. Newsroom
II. Highlights V. Media Registration Policies and Procedures
III. Media Briefings & other Events VI. Additional Information for Public Information Officers

(II) Highlights

The science at "Boston 2001: A Geo-Odyssey" ranges from coastal and marine to the emerging field of medical geology, and points between. Topics with public policy implications include fossil fuels on federal lands and arsenic in groundwater. Click on the links below to view a sampling of sessions and abstracts.

Session # Title
613 Geobiology: Applications to Sedimentary Geology
Sponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Institute
814 &
Evaporite Systems: The Geology, Paleontology, and Biology of Evaporite and Near-Evaporite Systems in Both Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Environments I and II
Sponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Institute – Johnson Space Center
618 The Future of Biogeochemistry
808 Water's Many Forms in the Solar System: Implications for Geology, Exploration, and Life
862 The Emerging Discipline of Medical Geology
496 America's Coastal Crisis - Providing the Geoscience Information Needed to Conserve and Protect Coastal Resources
479 Coastal Geology of the National Parks
844 Coastal Erosion Programs: Collaborative Geologic Research in Action
781 Natural Arsenic in Groundwater: Science, Regulation, and Health Implications
844 Fossil Fuel on Federal Land
455 Archaeological Geology and the Pleistocene-Holcene Transition
698 Hydrology and Hydrogeology of Extreme Environments

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