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News Release May 25, 2001
GSA Release No. 01-17
Contact: Christa Stratton

International Scientists Probe Unsolved Puzzles of the Earth and Beyond at "Earth System Processes"

I. Introduction
II. Session Highlights
III. Support for Journalists

(III) Support for Journalists

GSA and GSL will provide an onsite newsroom beginning Monday, June 25, should you need to arrange phone interviews during the meeting or need other assistance. Ann Cairns, Director of Communications for GSA, and Ted Nield, Science and Communications Officer for GSL, will operate the newsroom. The telephone number and other details will be included in the next media advisory.

A limited number of full and partial registrations are available for media attendance onsite. If you are interested in attending and have not already registered, please contact Ann Cairns as soon as possible at (303) 357-1056 .

Again, we encourage you to peruse the program and abstracts online and contact scientists before the meeting. Release dates for articles must coincide with the author's presentation date. If you have questions, contact Ann Cairns, GSA Director of Communications, at (303) 357-1056 .


I. Introduction II. Session Highlights III. Support for Journalists top

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