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GSA’s free meeting app — get the meeting at your fingertips.

Scan the QR code in the sidebar to download the app to your smart phone.

  • View the entire 2012 Annual Meeting technical program;
  • Locate the talk you want to hear, add it to your calendar, and pinpoint the location on a map;
  • See who’s exhibiting and find them on the exhibit hall floor plan;
  • Select events to attend and get alerts and reminders.
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  • Connect with other meeting attendees;
  • Discuss what you want, when you want;
  • Network, coordinate schedules, and plan activities;
  • Save money by sharing travel & lodging expenses.

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NEW! GSA's Connected Community

Launching at the Annual Meeting!
GSA is launching a new online networking and collaboration site for members featuring communities and directories for networking; discussion groups for asking questions and sharing knowledge; personal profiles you can update with your photo, bio, interests, and more; and resource libraries with fully searchable documents, videos, and images.

Look for us in the networking lounge in the exhibit hall. We'll give you a tour, answer your questions, and help you get started.

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  • Get up-to-the-second meeting news by joining more than 5,000 geoscientists, students, agencies, and geoscience companies who follow @geosociety and by watching this year’s meeting hashtag, #GEO2012;
  • Let others know you’ll be tweeting about the meeting on the Twitter Roll;
  • Tweet with #GEO2012 in your message to create a rolling narrative & stretch the meeting’s virtual boundaries.

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GSA manages an active LinkedIn group to help you network and stay connected with your professional peers. Build and shape our scientific exchange and move your career forward.

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Let everyone know about your meeting-related blog posts! Add your info to the Blog Roll. Also, check out GSA’s blog, Speaking of Geoscience™, and learn how YOU can add to the discussion.