While at the Convention Center: If you feel ill or see someone who needs medical assistance, use a house phone (located near meeting rooms and central locations) to call central security at extension 6090. Do not dial 911 in the convention center (especially from your cell phone) because precious time may be lost while emergency responders try to contact the convention center to verify that there truly is an emergency. If you require minor medical assistance, please visit the first aid office, Charlotte Convention Center, Exhibit Hall level (through the grey doors in the Hall AB Lobby and to the left); +1-704-339-6005.

While at Your Hotel: If you feel ill or see someone who needs medical assistance, call the hotel operator or the front desk clerk. The hotel staff should be able to help you or arrange for emergency aid.

Also Recommended: If you have a cell phone, create an emergency contact entry and list it under “ICE” (In Case of Emergency). On the back of your meeting ID badge, please write an emergency contact name and number for someone who is attending the meeting with you.


While at the Convention Center: Study the floor plans in the meeting programs for the exits nearest to your session room as well as to other rooms you plan to visit, including the Exhibit Hall.

While at Your Hotel: Locate the fire exits on your floor, put your room key close to where you sleep, and check the windows to see if they open.

In case of fire:
  • Keep your room key with you;
  • Never open a door without first checking for smoke or heat (if the door feels warm, don’t open it);
  • If smoke is present, keep low to the floor—do not walk upright;
  • Do not use elevators;
  • If smoke is in a stairwell, avoid it—choose another route or return to your room if there no accessible way out.
  • If you must remain in your room during a fire:
  • Let someone know you are in the room—if the phone works, call for help;
  • Open or break (if necessary) the window for fresh air, but not if you see smoke outside;
  • Hang a bed sheet out the window to signal firefighters;
  • Fill the tub and sink with water;
  • Soak towels and sheets (and blankets if necessary);
  • To keep smoke out of your room, block door cracks and ventilation grills with wet towels, sheets, and blankets;
  • If your room is smoky, place a wet cloth over your nose and mouth.
When Leaving the Convention Center or Other Meeting Venue:
  • Take off and stow your meeting badge;
  • Don’t walk through isolated areas;
  • Keep alert for potentially dangerous situations;
  • Find others to walk with you;
  • Take a cab if you have had too much to drink (don’t make yourself an easy target).
If You Are Accosted:
  • Comply with attacker demands as calmly as possible, but do not allow yourself to be moved to a secondary location;
  • Get a good description of your attacker;
  • Call the police.

Please notify Melissa Cummiskey (GSA Senior Director of Meetings) in the Charlotte Convention Center, VIP Suite Room 104, +1-704-339-6201, as soon after any incidents as possible.