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Employment Service Center

We offer …

  • Interview services at the Annual Meeting;
  • A year-round online applicant database;
  • Job postings; and
  • A FREE résumé hosting service for all GSA members.

Bringing Together …

  • Post your profile online
  • Check job postings
  • Interview at the annual meeting
  • Gather career search materials

Access an online database of hundreds of professionals in over 30 specialties who are actively seeking career positions at all levels.


At the meeting:

  • Interview booth and scheduling. Interview services range from half-day booth rental to multiple days, starting at US$400.
  • Résumé search
  • Posting of job announcement(s)

Post your
résumé today!

Schedule & Location:

Employment Service Center Hours
Charlotte Convention Center
Sunday, November 4 2 - 6pm
Monday, November 5 9am - 6pm
Tuesday, November 6 9am - 1pm
NOTE: Mon/Tue have breaks from 1-2pm
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Learn more on our ESC web page
or contact Davida Buehler, , +1-303-357-1015.