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Everything you need to know about the meeting (updated in real time) at your fingertips!


GSA mobile meeting

Scan this QR code (or click link) to download and install this free app on your mobile device.

Native App Version support:
• iOS version 5 and above
• Android version 2.2.3 and above
The App also runs on Android tablets 3.0 or higher and on iPad.

Click here for important user tips.

Don't have a smartphone?

The web version of the app will run on your computer.

Everything you need to know about the meeting (updated in real time) at your fingertips!
    Locate the talk you wish to hear, add it to your calendar, and pinpoint the location on a map.
  • See who is exhibiting and find them on the floor plan.
  • Select events to attend and add them to your phone’s calendar.
  • Receive important alerts and reminders.
  • Much, much more!
  1. After you install the app, open it and data will start downloading, this is a long process (lots of of data). However, you can start the download process and still use your device to check email, run mobile apps, etc. -- the download continues until complete.
  2. Download time is affected by your reception, signal strength, and the type of mobile device.
  3. Once the app is installed on your phone it is native – so you can browse the information in airplane mode.
  4. The app will automatically download any new or changed data each time you re-open it (if necessary).
  5. NOTE: The calendar events are in Eastern Time so when added to a local calendar they appear as local time. For example, if I add an event from the mobile device that starts at 8AM at the Annual Meeting, it will go in as 6AM on my calendar in Denver. The times will adjust to the local time in Charlotte when you arrive.
  6. We welcome your suggestions for improvement. Please email your comments to . We will also monitor and compile comments from the social media sites as best we can.