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Bare Earth Elements
Author: Tim Oleson (USA)
Blog Description: Bare Earth Elements is staff writer Tim Oleson's blog at EARTH Magazine. EARTH covers the full gamut of topics in the geosciences, space sciences, energy, climate, etc. Check it out at!
Topics to Cover: General geosciences
Date Added: 11/2/2012

Digital Elevation
Author: Carlos Grohmann (BRAZIL)
Blog Description: [almost] random thoughts on digital terrain analysis, geology, science, free software, GIS, caving, etc
Topics to Cover: Geomorphology, GIS, karst
Date Added: 11/1/2012

The Geology P.A.G.E.
Author: Jim Lehane (USA)
Blog Description: Presenting alternatives in geoscience education
Topics to Cover: Geology, education, paleontology, fun in science
Date Added: 11/1/2012

Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog
Author: Ron Schott (USA)
Blog Description: ... no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end ...
Topics to Cover: GigaPanning Geology, Digital Geology Speed Dating
Date Added: 11/1/2012

Riparian Rap
Author: Steve Gough (USA)
Blog Description: A blog about Little River Research & Design, river geomorphology and the business, politics, and science of river ecosystem conservation.
Topics to Cover: geomorphology, sedimentology, geoscience education
Date Added: 10/31/2012

Updates from the Paleontology Lab
Author: Alton Dooley (USA)
Blog Description: Current activities from the Virginia Museum of Natural History Paleontology Department, and information about fossils and geology.
Topics to Cover: Paleontology, Education
Date Added: 10/22/2012

Mountain Beltway
Author: Callan Bentley (USA)
Blog Description: General geo-science, with an emphasis on the signatures of mountain-building.
Topics to Cover: geology
Date Added: 8/30/2012

The Cooper Channel
Author: Gabriel Santos (USA)
Blog Description: The Cooper Channel is an online channel dedicated to educating the general public on topics of Paleontology, Archaeology, and all related sciences in a fun and engaging way.
Topics to Cover: Geology, Paleontology, Student Programs
Date Added: 8/29/2012

A Day in the Life
Author: Lisa Park Boush (USA)
Blog Description: This is an informational blog about things happening at NSF and my life as a NSF Program Officer and as a paleobiologist.
Topics to Cover: NSF, paleontology, limnogeology, sed/strat
Date Added: 8/23/2012

Arizona Geology
Author: Lee Allison (USA)
Blog Description: Things about geology and geologists of Arizona or of interest to the geologic community in Arizona.
Topics to Cover: Arizona geology and geologists
Date Added: 7/26/2012

The Journeys of Dr. G
Author: Laura Guertin (USA)
Blog Description: Designed for my students, find out where I am and what I am up to! (and in this case, what I'm doing at GSA)
Topics to Cover: geoscience education, undergraduate research
Date Added: 7/26/2012

Highly Allochthonous
Author: Anne Jefferson (USA)
Blog Description: Geology of all sorts that catches our eye.
Topics to Cover: hydrogeology, geomorphology
Date Added: 7/25/2012

Earth-like Planet
Author: Charles Carrigan (USA)
Blog Description: Geoscience news & issues on planet Earth as well as anything else geological I feel like yabbering about.
Topics to Cover: mineral resources, geoscience education
Date Added: 7/25/2012