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Tour L4

Guided Tour of the Historic Center of Munich and the King's Palace

Date: Tuesday, 6 September 2011
Time: 9.30 a.m.; Duration: ca 3 h
Cost: 11 € per person plus a 7 € entrance fee
Meeting point: Mariensäule (Marian Column) at the “Marienplatz”

Stattreisen München e.V. (


Explore Munich's historic center and the Residenz, the king's palace. Munich's city history started with the salt trade - but what happened next? During the walk through small, winding alleys you will pass hidden corners between "Petersbergl", "Alter Hof" and "Frauenkirche". You will be explained how the city developed into what it is now, and which events had an influence lasting until today. Munich's history will be made alive, traditions and customs explained, stories about about modern town planning and development told, and current subjects, every day life and, of course, about beer willhave its place.

Afterwards, you will visit the splendid living rooms in the king's palace. Ludwig II, the unfortunate Bavarian King whose 125th anniversary of his death will be remembered this year, spent many lonely hours in these chambers and in the adjacent opera house.

The tour is available in German and English.

To register for this tour, use the online meeting registration form.

Tour L4 L4b
Tour L4
Top left: Munich's historic centre (Source: David Kostner, 2011)

Top right: Munich's King's Palace (Source: Gryffindor, 2011)

Left: Antiquarium within the King's Palace (Source: Patrick Theiner, 2011)






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