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Please verify the time and duration of your oral presentation in the online program. The duration of presentation of invited speakers may be longer than indicated in the e-mail confirmation.

Presenters have the option of either bringing their own laptop, or bringing a copy of their presentation on a USB stick or CD/DVD and load it onto a permanently installed Windows PC, as explained in detail below.

All oral session lecture rooms are equipped with the following:

  1. LCD projector
  2. Windows-based PC
  3. Laptop station
  4. Microphone

Availability of a laser pointer is not guaranteed: if you must use one, please bring your own.

The laptop station is a table with several independent sites consisting of power sockets plus a VGA cable each. Here presenters can install, in the order of presentation, their laptops before the session starts and remove them after the session has ended.

The last site is permanently connected to the Windows-based PC, which has the following configuration:

  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Office 2003 and Office 2007 (for Powerpoint presentations)
  • Adobe Reader 10.1 (for pdf presentations)
  • VLC-Player 1.1.10, Adobe Flash 10.3, Quicktime Player 7.6.9 – please note that all video players are installed only with standard codecs
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Anti-Virus

Installation of personal laptops and loading of files onto the fixed PC must be done before your session starts. For the first morning session and for the first afternoon session, that means you should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. For all other sessions, you must install computers and load presentation during the coffee breaks: please go to your session Chair at the start of the break, and do not leave until your laptop is connected and working, or your presentation has been loaded and tested. Laptops can only be removed at the end of each session.

If you choose to run your presentation from the fixed PC, please verify ahead of time that the format of your files matches the configuration listed above.

We recommend that you bring at least two copies of your presentation to the meeting in case there is a problem with one. In particular, authors who plan to bring their own laptop must also bring a pdf version of their presentation (plus individual movie files if necessary) and load it onto the Windows-PC as backup. In case of any problems with the connection between personal laptop and projector, this version will be used as an emergency backup. At the end of the meeting, all files loaded onto the fixed Windows PCs will be destroyed.

Please make sure you have all power, video, and networking adapters. Video adapters are especially important if you are planning to bring a Mac laptop, as there is a wide variety of video adapters for different laptop models and we cannot guarantee that a suitable one will be available if you forget to bring your own.

If you bring your own labtop for presentation, please be sure to mark it with a unique sticker or name tag to be sure you can quickly identify your labtop before your presentation and to avoid picking up the wrong one at the end of the session.

Any additional information for presenters will be posted to this webpage in the next few weeks.

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

  • The poster panel is 117 cm by 145 cm (portrait format, i.e. the longest side is vertical).
  • Posters should be put up between Sunday evening (during the Icebreaker event) and Monday morning by 8 a.m.
  • Due to fire safety regulations, posters are not allowed to hang over any edge of the panel.
  • Tape should not be used on the boards.
  • All posters should stay up for the entire duration of the conference.
  • Authors are requested to be present at their posters every day from 4:30–6 p.m.
  • If you will arrive late or depart early, please give your poster to a colleague to set up at the meeting, and/or ask a colleague to take it down on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Any posters left on boards after 6 p.m. on Wednesday will be disposed of.






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