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Field Trip E9 (one-day trip)

Quaternary, Molasse and applied geology in the Alpine Foreland west of Munich


Depart/Return: Sat., 3 Sep.; Departure 7:30; Return 20:00.
LMU Main Building, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
Cost: 35 €; maximum: 50 participants.
Not Included: Meals: participants should bring their own sandwiches.
rubber boot Easy, mostly visits to quarries, pits, and short walks off roads. For a couple of stops rubber boots or hiking boots are recommended

Herbert Scholz and Bernhard Lempe, Technische Universität München
Dorothea Frieling, Olching

Field Trip E9
“Geologische Orgel” in Donauglacial conglomerates at Bossart, south of Memmingen.

Stop 1: Clay pit Hammerschmiede W of Pforzen near Irsee.

Stop 2: Quarry in Early Holocene calcareous tuff at Schleifmühle near Kaufbeuren.

Stop 3: Gravel pit in fluvioglacial deposits (Mindel) near Warmisried covered with unusual thick brown soils.

Stop 4: Outlook from Lerchenberg near Günz across the Günz valley to the W: Penck's stratigraphical system at first sight.

Stop 5: Gravel pit in fluvioglacial deposits (Riss) near Memmingen with "Geologische Orgeln".

Stop 6: Outlook from Theinselberg near Gossmannshofen across "Memminger Trockental": hydrogeology of a terminal Würmglacial outwash plain.

Stop 7: "Geologische Orgeln" in donauglacial conglomerates near Bossarts.

Stop 8: Proximal part of a land slide ("Teufelsküche") near Ronsberg affecting coarse grained Mindelglacial conglomerates overlying Molasse marls.

Stop 9: Conglomerate rocks below Ruine Wagegg near Wildpoldsried: presumably remains of a Mindelglacial kame.

Stop 10: A historical embankment dam in the Leubas valley near Betzigau and the drainage history of a glacial tongue basin of the Iller glacier.

Stop 11: Quarry in steeply inclined marine sandstones of the Upper Marine Molasse, marking the limit between Subalpine and Foreland Molasse.

Stop 12: "Beihlstein", an extremely big erratic boulder near Görisried and the invasion of the Iller glacier into a basin occupied afore by the Lech-Wertach glacier.






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