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Field Trip E18

Active Tectonics and Earthquake Geology of the Vienna Basin

Registration deadline extended to 15.07.2011

Departure: Fri. 02 Sept., 8:00 LMU Main Building, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
Return Sat. 03 Sept., ~18:00
Cost: 200 € *; maximum: 20 participants.
AWG members who send an email to with their name and AWG membership number will pay a reduced fee (150 €). You also need to tick the reduced price box when registering for the trip. Please send the email just before or just after you register.

The field trip is also part of the short course W3. Field trip fee is already included in the W3 registration fee, so if you register for the W3 workshop, DO NOT register for this field trip separately.

*If the cost turns out to be lower (actual cost will depend also on how many people sign up though the W3 workshop), either dinner will be included, or participants will get reimbursed.
Included: Lodging, breakfast, cold lunch
Not Included: Dinner*, drinks
Rubber boot

Kurt Decker, Esther Hintersberger, and Andreas Beidinger
University Vienna

Field Trip E18
Trench across the Markgrafneusiedl Fault exposing the fault contact between grey Pleistocene gravel in the footwall and brown colluvium in the hangingwall of the fault. Overlying loess is also displaced by the fault.

The trip focuses on the earthquake geology of the Vienna Basin Fault System, which is among the seismically most active faults in Central Europe. We will visit the spectacular fault scarps produced by the strike-slip fault (Lassee scarp) as well as scarps of normal faults (Markgrafneusiedl scarp) close to the City of Vienna. The latter is of particular interest for seismic hazard analyses as recent paleoseismological studies proved pre-historic earthquakes for the Markgrafneusiedl Fault with magnitudes up to M~7, which is the largest magnitude ever recorded in Central Europe North of the Alps.

The trench that evidences the M~7 event will be re-opened for the excursion.

During the excursion participants will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of active fault kinematics, slip history, tectonic geomorphology, displacement rates, seismicity, and seismic hazard of the Vienna Basin Fault System with the background of a wealth of data showing the active faults from seismogenic depths (industrial 2D and 3D seismic) up to the surface.






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