Fragile Earth
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Field Trip E17

KTB Deep Drilling Site and Czech-Bavarian Geopark —
Two best practice examples of geoscience outreach


Departure: 08.09.2011; Munich Main Train Station (Muenchen Hauptbanhof)
Return 09.09.2011; Munich Main Train Station
Cost: € 165; Maximum: 25 participants
Included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Overnight stay
Not Included: Drinks
Sponsors: GEO-Zentrum an der KTB, Czech-Bavarian Geopark

Frank Holzförster, GEO-Zentrum an der KTB
Andreas Peterek, Geopark Bayern-Böhmen


The field trip focuses on the geoscience outreach of the Continental Deep Drilling Project (KTB) which drilled two research boreholes of 4.000 and 9.101 m depth in northeastern Bavaria. From this project the ongoing ICDP-Research Program developed while the drilling location itself evolved to become the major Geoscience Outreach Center in Germany. Surrounding the tallest surface-bound drilling rig in the world, the GEO-Zentrum an der KTB involves almost 25.000 visitors per year in the technical challenges and geological aims of geoscience research. Schools from entire Bavaria use the locality for project-based learning. The children (K-12) use the learn-laboratory for experiments with rocks, soils and various models that illustrate parts of the system Earth.

In the last years, the Czech-Bavarian Geopark developed around the drilling locality to document the geological wealth of the area, which forms the particular center of Europe. The border-crossing geopark stretches from the scarpland formed by Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in its western part to the uplifted, largely Palaeozoic Variscan basement rocks in its central and eastern part to the Cenozoic Eger (Ohre-) Rift with its young volcanoes and sediments in its central and northeastern part. With its educational program the geopark concentrates on the interconnection of the geological, cultural and industrial heritage of the region and its unique variety of famous geological, mineralogical and, palaeontological specialities.

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